Thursday, April 18, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Nande Koko ni Sensei ga! - Episode 2 - Kana-sensei Plays with Satou Sister

Kana-sensei comes from the same hometown as Satou and even his mother knows her well enough to ask her to babysit his new baby sister.

The first chapter begins with Satou finding Kana-sensei soaking wet in the same laundromat he entered to avoid a sudden rainstorm. He let her borrow his shirt while she dried her clothes.

It turns out that Kana-sensei the Demon Teacher is scared of thunder, which complicates things as she and Satou try to turn the circuit breaker back on after a lightning strike. She also belatedly discovered the effect she has on young men in compromising situations.

Satou was very surprised to learn his mother was friends with Kana-sensei from way back. While trying to babysit the newest Satou sibling, Kana-sensei got into a very motherly situation. Satou Mama offered her son in marriage because he's "her type." Upupupu. Of course he is!


I thought this show was only going to have perky nipples, but it became clear that the producers really want you to buy the Blu-rays later this year to see NSFW beautiful bare breasts.

Feeling soft breasts as soft thighs are squeezing your head is enough to make any hot-blooded male tell his "son" to calm down.

Satou Imouto knows exactly what to do when faced with amazing boobs. Kana-sensei was just happy that the baby wasn't crying any more when she held her.

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