Monday, April 15, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Nande Koko ni Sensei ga! - Episode 1 - Kana-Sensei in Men's Room

Satou-kun just wanted to use the men's toilet by the pool for some extra privacy, but he found the infamously mean teacher Kana in his preferred stall.

The opening credits show the four teachers and their male student partners in their age gap romances. The first episode features the demon teacher Kana, but we do get a brief appearance from extra short teacher Mayu. Tan Hikari and cool doctor Chizuru will have to wait.

The whole premise behind the show is that these sexy teachers get stuck in compromising situations with male students. The forced physical intimacy allows romance to bloom, but obviously teachers and students can't do anything until the students graduate. First up is Kana-Sensei using the men's restroom because the women's facilities were closed due to maintenance.

So, Satou stumbles in on Kana-sensei just as she's about to do her business. It would look really bad for anyone else to witness a teacher and a student in such delicate circumstances, so they need to be quiet, but they also need to relieve themselves. Nobody came out of this bathroom stall with their dignity intact.

Mayu-sensei is really short. Her male partner in sticky situations is really tall. Good luck to you, really tall dude!

Satou gets stuck again with Kana-sensei. This time, they're in the infirmary. He's there to ditch class, while Kana-sensei has developed a fever. She's clearly not thinking straight when she asks Satou to administer any cold and flu medicine he finds and she even agrees to a suppository. Incidentally, you're looking at the "more whoo-whoo" version of the anime short, but even this one censors Kana's perky nipples. Kora, kora!

Kana-sensei got her medicine, good and hard. Satou knew he had to hide from Mayu-sensei checking up on her colleague. The next day, Satou came down with Kana's cold and she found out he was ditching class the previous day, so guess who's getting payback good and hard? Kana's reputation as the demon teacher is well deserved.

The end credits feature Kana hugging her Satou doll. I assume each of the four teachers will have their own dolls, so we should see a new teacher around the 4th episode. I predict Mayu will be next.

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