10 Second Anime

Lots of people like anime. And most of those people like animated gifs. How about putting those two things together by boiling down an episode of anime to 10 seconds, and add review and commentary? That's what 10 Second Anime is about. Look below for the current season's shows being covered.

10 Second Anime

UQ Holder!
Decades after Negi Springfield changed the magical world, Evangeline the Vampire and her ward Touta go on a new adventure.

Shokugeki no Soma S3
Third season of Souma's Food Wars. Souma challenges one of the Elite 10 Council, Kuga, to a sales contest during the upcoming school festival for the prize of a Shokugeki against him and his seat.

Owarimonogatari S2
Second season of Owarimonogatari. The "concluding" chapters of the Monogatari Series featuring Mayoi, Senjougahara, and Ougi.

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