Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Kakegurui XX - Episode 6 - Yumeko Claps

Yumeko started to get into gambling mode during the second round of her match against Natari.

Yumeko really appreciated Natari's approach to winning a popularity contest - bigger bribes, but mutual respect grew when Natari realized she couldn't out-bluff Yumeko, no matter how good an actress she was. Yumeko's problem was getting her partner Yumemi focused on gambling instead of trying to beat Natari at singing or acting.

Yumemi got her groove back when her fans (who were bribed) came to her side during the card game in the final round. Natari thought Yumeko and Yumemi had formed a rift in their teamwork, but Yumeko was just waiting to see that spark of competitiveness in Yumemi's eyes. Still, it was exhausting for Yumemi while Yumeko had her usual fun time of gambling.

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