Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Finds from the Grind - In Search of Relief

I tried to find a restroom on my way back from descending GMR on 5/26/2018.

Here's some bonus video from the last post about my ride up and down Glendora Mountain Road. Logistically, my GMR loop isn't as nice as my up and down route to Mount Wilson. There's nice facilities up at the top of a nineteen mile climb, with great facilities along the way. For GMR, you've got Camp Williams on East Fork before you start climbing the backside of GMR, nothing at the top of a six mile climb, and then whatever public park you can find after you get down to the bottom.

On a cooler day, I'll still drink because I get thirsty from metabolizing and exertion, but the fluid that would usually evaporate on a hot day as sweat tends to stick around inside the bloodstream and eventually the bladder. I had to go another 5 miles after descending 9 miles to, ah, lighten the load. I'll have to remember that new park I found, but I would have been okay, because my last resort was Pioneer Park on the same stretch of ride and that would have only been another couple of minutes of riding.

Incidentally, that first park where I failed to find a restroom had some warning signs I didn't notice until I edited this video.

Yup. I and the nice lady I talked to were breaking the law! I wasn't supposed to ride my bike and she wasn't supposed to walk her dog. I guess the sheriffs had better things to do, but I had two Azusa police patrol cars watching over me adding to my sense of, um, relief.

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