Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! - Episode 6 - Hinata Koko Allies

Hinata and Koko's appreciation of all things Miyako overwhelmed Hinata's protectiveness and they formed a fast bond over their love of Mya-nee.

The little angels couldn't believe that Miyako was actually a college student, so they followed her to campus. While there, they met a beautiful girl who seemed to know many things about Miyako's schedule. We finally get to meet this girl who walks around Miyako's neighborhood with her little sister and little dog.

It turns out that Koko is Miyako's Clothing Club mate from high school. Koko thought they were good friends, which was news to Miyako. Koko was more like her stalker who admired her from afar, which might explain why the cool version of Miyako has golden eyes instead of red.

Soon thereafter Miyako found Koko in her room wearing the same cosplay outfit she was trying to make. Of course, Miyako's mother was going to let anyone in claiming to be her friend. Hinata was skeptical at first, but they bonded over the awesomeness of Miyako and they became weird friends, just like Miyako became weird friends with Noa and Hana.

As all this was happening, Noa and Hana's mothers came to visit! Noa's mother Emily is just like an older version, except with a singsong foreigner accent.

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