Thursday, February 28, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Ikkitousen Western Wolves - Episode 2 - Chouhi Stomped

Chouhi had that strong sense of justice when she was younger, but she must have picked up her martial arts skills before entering high school.

Both Chouhi and Mitsuyoshi are going through a leveling up character development arc. Mitsuyoshi lost again, like in this flashback, but Chouhi isn't done yet with that old man and the twins.

Chuukou got wrapped up by that leotard wearing fox mask girl, but it was Koukin who revealed why she had a "nyaa" speech impediment. Her backup mask was of a cat! He also accidentally took care of that leotard...

Kan'u is also going through a leveling up arc and she realized how far she has to go during a chance encounter with the best swordsman in Japan. Unfortunately, this whole scene was in the dark, so it was hard to appreciate Takezou's striped pantsu.

Hakufu had a heart-to-heart with Sousou about their lost magatama earrings and how scared they both are about not being able to fight.

I don't know how you can have a training arc in the span of six hours in the dark while Chouhi is supposed to be protecting Gentoku, but here we are. Chouhi needs to use her ki and apparently get her own weapon, which Koutetsu the sword smith just might supply.


We definitely did not have the fun and copious amounts of NSFW bare breasts like in the first episode, but the so far unnamed fox/cat mask girl helped us out.

The wily cat girl had a great way of escaping by attacking Koukin's weakest point - giving him a bloody nose from too much ecchi.

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