Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Kakegurui XX - Episode 8 - Yumeko Caresses Manyuda

Suzui better step it up because when Yumeko gets in the gambling mood she'll even focus on Manyuda.

The curve ball of the Common Goods Game, besides keeping coins for yourself instead of contributing to the pot, is that if one player is correctly accused of being the most selfish, that player automatically loses the game. That only matters in the final round, but all the bluffing, accusing, and obfuscation happens during the short discussion between rounds. Yumeko, and surprisingly Manyuda, are really happy about this kind of gambling leverage.

After Yumeko rewakened Manyuda's gambling spirit (funny how a sexy girl running her hands over a boy can do that), he was able to accurately point out who was not contributing to the common good. Unfortunately for Miraslava, Itsuki was not the one who did it to her utmost advantage.

It looked like Miraslava was really mad at Itsuki for making her lose the game, but she was really enamored with Itsuki herself for how she played her. Itsuki, thankfully for Manyuda's jealous heart, doesn't swing that way.

There was a twist at the end, because Itsuki actually didn't get all of Terano's vote chips. She had made a side bet with Terano with Manyuda as her final stakes. Yumeko liked that kind of gambling because, of course she did.

Kirari reminded Sayaka that all that mattered was gambling against Yumeko at the end. Sayaka didn't want to hear that.

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