Thursday, February 28, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Go-toubun no Hanayome - Episode 8 - Yotsuba Frightened

Yotsuba is easily scared by scary clown masks, and quickly forgets who put on such a mask.

Fuutarou is still having trouble getting all the girls to study together, and stomaching Miku's cooking. He's just glad Yotsuba was the first one to be convinced, even if she's not entirely honest about why she joined him so quickly.

Fuutarou wondered if Yotsuba's scatterbrain was all an act to avoid putting in the time to sit down and study. This was after everyone except Nino gave their contact info by their phones but she insisted on writing down her details. In the end, Yotsuba is just a natural airhead, but she does know what her priorities are, so she can't join the basketball club full time.

Nino was convinced to write down her contact info by being scared of being left out. Unfortunately for Fuutarou, he forgot to get back his student handbook from her, which included a very important picture. Nino's role in all this was to show us how Fuutarou used to be delinquent and he had met one of the sisters before. Of course, the realization that they've been reunited will be a scene we'll have to look forward to.

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