Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Domestic na Kanojo - Episode 3 - Rui Pouts

Rui just found out that she's actually the younger sister to her step-brother Natsuo. She is not happy about that.

After confronting Hina about her affair with a married man, Natsuo impulsively kissed her. Then she calculatingly kissed him back to show him he's still a child and to butt out of adult business. That's basically the same sentiment that goaded Rui into having sex with Natsuo.

Speak of the (younger sister) devil, Rui has decided to run away from home too as a way of protesting Hina's adultery. She was okay with Natsuo's friend Fumiya knowing about how they actually first met because he goes to a different school.

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