Tuesday, January 29, 2019

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 16

Accelerator and GROUP chase clues on what DRAGON is and find themselves caught between two members of Academy City's Governing Board.

#16 - "The Governing Board"


I feel like Hamazura's development arc as he tries to become a character relevant and strong enough to protect Rikou is shoehorned into this story about DRAGON. Pretty much the only reason he and Rikou are here is because that Stephanie Gorgeouspalace assassin has two targets - Accelerator and Kinuhata.

Well, this is an Index story, so all these threads are going to be tied up into one big hairy knot at the end with Accelerator blowing up a lot of stuff. That looks like it's happening next episode.


So much story, there's not even opening credits.

Hamazura is desperate. He's hijacking a helicopter and the lady pilot has an exacto knife. Talk about terrorism reversal here...

Aw. The lady pilot is a sucker for love stories.

Hamazura is good at falling through trees...

Oh boy, mistaken impression of Accelerator being a "villain" to Rikou.

Rule number 1 of the dark side of Academy City - do not provoke happy fun ball, er, Accelerator.

Ow. Kinuhata got sniped.

So, this Stephanie lady is just all about the revenge now. Kinuhata was supposed to be the secondary target.

Oops. Jamming Accelerator's external cpu is pretty effective.

And who's that guy? Just the random guy in the Z that Accelerator carjacked the last time?

Animation levels have taken a dip. That Oyafune lady barely looks like the same person who took Tsuchimikado's gut shot.

Ah. The blindfold boy just called Accelerator a hero. Spin-off hype for later this year. Also, Musujime calls dibs on the shota.

Oyafune has hard fists. Poor car.

Things are getting hairy now. Etzali impersonated Oyafune, but more of his magic brethren infiltrated Shioshiki's staff.

Are they only here because Etzali made a stray comment about DRAGON invoking fearful images? Lame. Anyway, Shioshiki's dead and DRAGON will be revealed by the Aztecs next episode.

Ah. New ending sequence. Very pink, or coral, I guess. New opening sequence next week?

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