Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Kakegurui XX - Episode 4 - Sayaka Threatens Loser

There were other gambling matches besides the one Yumeko and Mary were in, but Kirari was just bored, letting Sayaka keep the loser riffraff from hitting on her.

Yumeko was out of it from the poison effects, but she was confident that Mary would see what she saw about how the cards were shuffled and what to do about the mind reading cousins.

Through the certain rules of the game about cards adding up to 9 in the pile and how turns were taken, Mary figured that she would just have Suzui show everyone his cards instead of imitating Miyo and Miri's coded language. It basically came down to card counting and Mary playing both her and Suzui's hand.

Mary is still a girl and Suzui's earnestness has a way of even melting through her cynicism as he thanked her for winning the antidote for Yumeko. After Yumeko forced Mary into this student council voting mess by asking her to save her life, Mary now has a secret purpose - she wants to become the next student council president.

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