Thursday, September 20, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san - Episode 12 [END] - Ayaka Crawls Up Aki

It's definitely wintertime in Tokyo when you have to break out the kotatsu and Ayaka knows all the tricks to play on Aki with the heated table too.

Ayaka and Aki broke in the kotatsu by eating mikan oranges, but they noticed the heat wasn't working. It was time for Ayaka to tease Aki from under the table!

Yuzu found out that Aki still believes in Santa Claus and was dead set on staying awake to catch him handing out presents. The girls needed a way to make him fall asleep so they could surprise him with their presents. Yuri suggested poison, er, sleeping aids while Sumire thought a chop to the neck was best. Before all that, they needed to have their Christmas party. That lucky shota!

Yuzu's solution was to sleep next to Aki to help him fall asleep. She got a nice surprise present too, while Aki had the best kind of Santa dream ever.

And then it was time for New Year's. That meant cleaning the house, and Sumire looking for Aki's "stash" underneath his bed. It also meant trying to stay awake until midnight and visiting the shrine the next day.

And that's the end! I don't much see a need for a sequel, but I would like to see more of Nana, Sumire, Uchifuji, and, of course, the Goddess Ayaka. Here's hoping for more shota shenanigans to come.

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