Friday, September 21, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Harukana Receive - Episode 12 [END] - Harukana The End

The show came to a satisfying conclusion, with the best friends and rivals playing beach volleyball for fun at their beach barbecue celebration.

Narumi could barely practice as she waited for updates on how the final game between Eclair and Harukana played out. Haruka was finally able to get the roof over on Claire's spike, winning the match.

Claire tried to put on a brave face, but neither side could be happy because losing hurt, and their best friends lost, even as the other side's best friends won. Narumi texted Kanata that she needed to be happy for the Thomas twins' sake.

Barbecue makes everything better, and the beach volleyball club has to celebrate their squad going to the Nationals. We still didn't get to see any man's face in this perfect yuri world. Meanwhile, Ayasa and Narumi had their own perfect yuri moment with some really deep stretching before practice.

Grilling, swimming, splashing, and sharing smiles. Looks like a good time.

Claire passed on her and Emily's hair scrunchies to Haruka to carry their feelings with them as they compete at the Nationals. I got my perfect ending when Emily finally smacked Claire's ass. Look at that jiggle!

You can't have a beach barbecue without some fun beach volleyball and the Thomas twins were ready to go. What a great Summer show with sexy bodies, breasts, and butts. Oh, and volleyball!

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