Thursday, September 06, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu - Episode 10 - Klem Eats Biscuit

The newly reincarnated Demon Lord Klem may be highly impressionable, but she knows good eats when she tastes them, and biscuits are definitely good eats.

Edelgard guided Diablo in the ritual to revive the soul of the Demon Lord inside of Rem, but his hand on her belly wasn't good enough. He needed to make a hole in her stomach to get closer, but Edelgard knew of another way. Well, another hole, actually...

The resurrection of the Demon Lord Krebskulm wasn't exactly up to everyone's expectations. Apparently, the omnipotent being comes back as an impressionable child with incomplete knowledge. Eulerex, the oldest Fallen who mentors these revived souls, has killed the last two because they returned as children. Maybe he's got the wrong idea about what mentoring means? Edelgard is very devoted to the newly born Biscuit Monster Klem.

The last of the haremettes has joined Diablo in his bed, and thanks to Klem's OP magic power levels, restoring his used up MP is going to be much easier. It won't be much easier on his social anxiety, but he'll get back to full power in a few moments instead of waiting a few days lazing about his room.

It looks like Alicia is going to be the next Big Bad, because she really wanted the resurrected Demon Lord to purge all the mortal races and this cute little Klem doesn't look like she'll do it. Also concerning is how Alicia has been removed from the harem roster in the end credits, but at least Shela and Rem have removed some more of their clothes.

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