Friday, September 07, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san - Episode 10 - Uchifuji Mai Kyuun

It was more like Valentine's Day instead of the Halloween episode with how Mai and Uchifuji's hearts were captivated by Aki being adorable trying to sing karaoke.

Nana and her friends Mai and Uchifuji did a little cosplay when they stole Aki away to a karaoke hall. Funny how the only songs they sang were the opening and closing credits.

We needed an "ara ara" counter for this episode as Nishiki got Ayaka all tipsy in a session of cool weather drinking. There was also some sweet, beautiful drunk talk, older sister style.

Mai and Uchifuji gave Aki a wonderful photo to remember their "date." This photo, of course, scandalized Yuzu, who just came back with Yuri and Sumire from their own costumed function. The tipsy Nishiki and Ayaka gave Yuzu her own scandalous memory of that day.

After a fun trip to the aquarium to see penguins (Aki is a closeted penguin otaku), the student council got it into their heads to try and act like Aki's big sisters. Sumire even tried the accidental invitation to bathe "like we used to do." You're supposed to say yes, Aki... Obviously, the ideal big sister is Ayaka, so they should just do what she says. Practice saying "ara ara," girls.

Aki is having too much fun eating dessert with Nana and Ayaka in the end card.

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