Thursday, September 06, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 6

Peek-a-boo welcomes Aina the best way they know how. Iori partners with Chisa on his first real dive.

Episode 6 - "First Buddy"


I had to wonder what the point of the quiz cheating scene was all about, besides showcasing how lazy and desperate Japanese college life can be and mining it for gags and outrageous comedy. Well, it was set up to mirror the events of the second half of the episode, obviously.

Iori begged Chisa to stay by his side, during the exam so he could copy her answers. Pair that with Chisa being his diving buddy where she won't let him out of her sight. Iori had to resort to cheating on his German exam because he didn't study. On the other side, he needs to memorize the scuba diving hand signals for survival and to pass the license exam. He even started using the signals in the moment to ask for help with a deranged Nanaka!

So, that was a good use of time featuring the dumb college dudes who don't seem to hate Iori and Kohei so much any more. And, we finally got back to some good fanservice with some real diving. After all the drinking, nakedness, and yaoi jokes, of course.


Iori is so dramatic! Stay by my side, Chisa! So he can cheat off her paper...

Ah, the thirsty dudes are regulars now, and the other dudes aren't sending death threats to Iori and Kohei either.

Openly strategizing on how to cheat on a German test. I guess that's a kind of studying.

Good humor here. The cheating dudes are being "killed" off one by one.

German prof has quick hands!

Oh. All that work and concern over bad grades, and they're graded on a curve anyway. Except they have to retake the test because they got caught cheating!

Yay! Welcome party for Aina. As they slowly get naked!

There is no one normal here, Aina. Not even Nanaka with her sister stalking ways.

These guys will fight to get naked over anything! Which is the better snack? Bamboo shoot or mushroom crackers? Fight!

Oh, Azusa. Never change! Yaoi pocky game! With huge umaebon...

Ha! "This looks even worse than I imagined."

And everybody is naked again.

Okay, actual diving club stuff. While they're still in their underwear...

Hand signals are fun! And funny.

Nanaka heaven! And descent into hell... Danger hand signals already proving useful.

Iori dodged a bullet. Nanaka is interpreting the situation as Iori merely getting along better with Chisa.

Aina is going to have to get used to being half-naked no matter what happens in this club.

The older guys are still trying to get Iori and Chisa to reconcile, so she's his first buddy. Hey, that's the episode title!

Wow. Actual diving stuff instead of actual talking about diving stuff.

Ho. Way to compliment Chisa by saying she's got as nice an ass as her sister Nanaka...

Next time, Tinker Bell's revenge on the tennis court?

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