Friday, September 21, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 11

Iori practices clearing his mask. Aina and Kohei pass their diving license test.

Episode 11 - "You Have the Wrong Idea"


The title of the episode pretty much covered the premise of all the jokes. From Iori needing to practice mask clearing without Aina or Kohei finding out, he tried to find poisonous fish, asked Chisa for help (much quicker than usual too), which led to all sorts of ideas about their relationship. Shopping for Okinawan fish led to wanting to eat old men, someone's wife, and chubby high school kids. It was all about the getting the wrong idea.

Oh? Aina can drive a little farm truck? She's not some fancy girl from Tokyo if she knows about driving stick in the rice paddies.

Yes, Iori, you should ask Chisa for help. Well, that worked out for him, since he said he likes diving so much now.

Azusa thinks Iori is trying to make Kohei jealous by focusing on Chisa because... she got the wrong idea!

Ah. Aina and Kohei think they're into kinky stuff because... they got the wrong idea!

That dude called the cops on girls stepping on a dude's head because... he got the wrong idea!

And Iori got that anime specific hell-cold-flu from sitting in the pool at night.

Azusa playing nurse? Yes, please!

Yes, Iori. You will get the negi green onion home remedy from both sides.

Oh ho. Azusa offers sexy time to stop Iori from getting nervous sleeping next to her. I think that would end up making him more nervous.

Dammit, Iori! You're supposed to say yes to sexy Azusa!

Well, if anything could make Iori and Azusa drink heavily, the news that Tokita has a girlfriend would definitely do it.

Placing my bet right now, Kaya the idol and voice actress is Tokita's partner.

So, does Iori have an extra day to get his diving license in Okinawa, or will they save that for a scene in the final episode?

Nice! At the end of each of the karaoke end credits, the dudes say something different. This time, Kohei shows off his idol otaku skills by cheering on Kaya. She's got some pipes. Sounds like Sheryl from Macross Frontier.

Next time, I have no idea what "otoori" means. It written in phonetic, all-caps, or foreign katakana letters, so I'm at a loss. But, Kohei and Iori look like they're in for some extra special hazing with some extra special alcohol.

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