Wednesday, September 05, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 5

Iori and Kohei deal with the consequences of their newfound infamy. New girl Aina joins the diving club.

Episode 5 - "Too Late"


Man, I was glad to see the epilogue with Aina and her friends as normal girls instead of the heavy pancake makeup anti-gals we saw at the mixer. The little scene even proved that Aina only dressed like that when she was trying to attract guys (as misguided and incorrect her ideas were), but was a regular cute little college girl the rest of the time.

This show is about treating the dudes as clowns, and much of the masculine type humor plays on that. It would have been way too mean to treat a female regular cast member like a clown for more than one episode.

I also like how well the episode established the emotional undertones of jealousy and rivalry between Chisa and Aina. Chisa doesn't realize it yet and Iori is way too oblivious to notice that he's been placed in a love triangle, but I'm sure we'll get lots of gags and humorous commentary from Azusa, who has apparently figured it all out already.


Ha. This is totally Prison School or even Attack on Titan with how these guys are making mad faces. Plus Kohei and Iori being half naked all the time adds to that monster style effect.

Oh, Chisa. Being so coldly, calculatingly cheerful for her revenge. I love it!

Oh no, Kohei. There is no way Iori is going to let you leave his little circle of hell. Now Kohei's got a hot girlfriend too! Azusa would never go out with him, but the other dudes don't know that.

Har. These Yamamoto and Nojima dudes are hilarous. Nojima, the pompous posing glasses type, totally thinks Iori used hypnosis on Chisa to make her go out with him.

Can you please finish your sentence and say that you're cousins already! Well, Chisa is still playing up her side of things, so I'm sure the dudes will believe her more than half-naked, cross-dressing, hungover Iori.

Gah. Yamamoto and Nojima are thirsty. All is forgiven if they go on a mixer (group date).

Why yes, that little short-haired girl is Aina the pancake makeup girl. Much better looking now. Obviously quitting Tinker Bell and joining Peek-a-boo because she's chasing Iori. Quitting Tinker Bell is smart on its own, though.

Har. "Cakey just shed her skin."

Mixer time. Wow, Yamamoto and Nojima are way, way thirsty with those clothes.

Ahahahaha! Cakey's friends are all cakey too!

Lots of jokes about wingman tactics and the like.

Heh. Switching girls as soon as he hears her hobbies are pachinko and horse racing!

These two selfies are radically different...

We finally get a name for Kohei's waifu - Mahou Shoujo Lalako.

No surprises here. The "ugly" girls think the thirsty dudes are way beneath them. The dudes end up getting drunk and half naked too. I wonder if Yamamoto and Nojima will become recurring drinking buddies.

Ah. The girls usually don't look like this. They were just going along with Aina's plot to make sure no one started dating Iori.

Azusa is on the case too, for trying to get Chisa to forgive Iori, so things are going to get complicated for that idiot.

Next time, now Nanaka is getting on Iori? Probably not, but probably back to some diving again based on the "First Buddy" title.

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