Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Overlord III - Episode 9 - Aura Kicks Shaltear

Shaltear has a bad habit of not keeping her comments to herself during Ains' personal operations with humans. Aura tells her to mind her manners.

The Emperor Jircniv's apology retinue includes a former Worker lady Leinas. She seems to sweat yellow and has permission to flee against overwhelming odds. Odds like facing the batttlemaids Yuri and Lupusregina and their Death Knight butlers.

Even when the Floor Guardians know Ains is play acting, they still can't contain their shock at him being deferential to a human. Speaking of play acting and plots, Albedo and Demiurge sure are smug about Ains grand plans, plans that even he doesn't know!

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