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10 Second Anime - Yowamushi Pedal - Glory Line - Episode 7

Onoda's mother comes to visit her son as all the teams prepare for the next day of racing.

Line.07 - "Footsteps of Hope"


Have you got your tickets to board the #TeamBestBoy Train? I have! Choo choo!

First, let me get this out of the way. Ah hahahahahahaha cough, cough, wheeze, hahahaha!

Sakamichi's Typhoon Mama! In the house! Oh man, so good. Okay, let's start at the beginning.

All right! Overnight shenanigans! Let's go!

Naruko's ready to snap back. Good for him. This makes me recall how he and Tadokoro remarked that all sprinters are losers because only one of them can be a winner at any given race. You need that attitude of leaving the past behind to look for the next chance for victory to be a sprinter and Naruko has that. No need to worry about him, Onoda.

Aw yiss! Onoda Mama! The typhoon has returned!

Ha. There were all those road closures around the race; was there construction? Actually a fair point when even the team pace cars got caught up in something.

Oh ho. She says the third years are looking younger than last year. Aoyagi and Kouga think that Kinjou just looks more mature.

You forgot your pump, Sakamichi! Ha!

Where does she keep finding this Best Boy stuff? Even hats now! One for everybody!

Oh wait, one's missing because she gave one to a helpful good looking lad. Typhoon mama raided the other hotel too!

Hilarious that Manami remembers Mrs. Onoda from the finish line from last year. He and Sakamichi are fated... somethings. Fujoshi swoon!

Sohoku is now Team Best Boy! Because of course they are! When the mother of THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN says you get a hat, you wear that hat. Besides, only the Best Boy could be THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN. It just makes sense.

Oho. She asked Aoyagi about the anime club. He still thinks it's the cycling club...

Death flag tripped. Aoyagi will be singing anime songs before the race is over: confirmed.

Aw man. That's the stuff. Distinct lack of Imaizumi here. I wonder if that will fit into the plot somehow.

Interesting how all the subplots from the aftermath of Stage 1 and 2 from last year made it into the first overnight. Typhoon mama and Midousuji excursion were both here. This means brand new shenanigans for the next stage. Now, I'm impatient.

So, Midousuji goes night riding again, but he's not going anywhere. He's not packed up or anything. I don't know why the other Kyoto Fushimi guys didn't check whether his stuff was still at the hotel.

The whole point of this was to introduce Yama as this year's conscience of the team to take over from Ishigaki. Obviously, Mizuta is not up to the task...

Also, the other point of this night stroll was to keep reminding us how much of a freak Midousuji is. Sucking on his upper arm... and even leaves a hickey. And was that a baby's cry in the background for sound effects? Like he needed infantile succor? Freak!

Well, he was okay. I mean, he's not okay in the usual sense, but he's also not booking it home to Kyoto on his bike.

Komari, the other freak was missing too, but he made it back. And he has secrets. I can totally see that he and Imaizumi shared some alone time. Fujoshi shudder! Then swoon! We'll see if my hunch pays off, but I'm already laying that marker down.

And we got confirmation that Kuroda is continuing with the race. He's wrapped with lots of road rash, but it looks like he also sprained a shoulder. He could have easily broken a collar bone in that crash.

Look! Girls! Ah. the point of showing Aya and Miki is to tell us we'll be having a windy day. That means it's time for Manami to spread his wings.

Speaking of Manami, he's proud to be on board #TeamBestBoy too. Choo choo! And no. Ashikiba and Doubashi will not be getting that hat. I think Doubashi actually wants it more than Ashikiba...

Nice. Onoda and Shinkai finally meet. He's a cool guy! Like his brother. Bang? Or was it Kapow? (It was kapow.)

This is the kind of stuff I love seeing. The humble Onoda has no idea what others already think of his exploits. He's only THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN, so it's only natural that others in the press and his competitors would scout him out. He should have picked that up when he was being blocked going up the first major climb.

Yuuto Shinkai is definitely Hayato's younger brother. Chomping on Calorie Mate bars, which still are not official sponsors for some reason, and trying out his own point and sting as the Peak Hornet.

Onoda is the Mountain King. Only he would be surprised that THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN would get such a name for winning the overall title on a mountaintop finish. He still wants an animal name of some sort, but he looks nothing like Peak Spider. They need to incorporate how it's all over when he's smiling and singing anime songs.

Okay, half an episode of overnight shenanigans. This just means the omake will cover all the other shenanigans. Plus, Imaizumi and Komari's tryst will be revealed at a dramatic moment. I mean, I'm assuming they were together. Imaizumi was worried about that thigh muscle problem that Komari knew about. Sooooo, just saying. Fujoshi swoon again.

Oho! The omake covers Kuroda's road rash. I'll talk about that in the Cycling Porn section. But this is all good for the fujoshi. Ass! And shoulder rub downs! Fujoshi get up just to swoon again!

Yay! New end card with Onoda the Mountain King (nice mustache) and Yuuto Gacha.

Cycling Porn.

There wasn't much in the way of actual cycling this episode because of all the overnight shenanigans (can you tell I just love saying that - shenanigans!), but we did see Midousuji's De Rosa and Yama's Anchor. Both of them were using a head light, but no rear red light or reflectors of any kind. Not even helmets. Dude. Night riding is so much more dangerous because the cars can't see you.

One of the things I scan in the local news is bicycling deaths. The first thing I always check to see if it's real news is what time the accident occurred. Invariably it's between 11 PM and 5 AM. That means bicyclist commuting getting hit by a car, which usually means no lights, no reflectors, no helmet. It is really a rare event for a cyclist to get hit in the daylight hours, and those stories will have something out of the ordinary in them.

Now, let's talk about road rash. Cyclists who race will eventually crash. And they will get scraped. And they will find out just how amazing and gross the skin organ truly is as it heals. But it will be very annoying and inconvenient. Wounds don't bleed, per se, but they weep, and that fluid will harden into a scab. And that scab will stick to your sheets when you sleep and you will have to either slowly peel yourself out of bed or just rip out of there and get new bandages. And you will do this for two weeks. And those scrapes will have raw nerves peeking out so bathing and dressing will be extra time consuming. And hurt. Just as Kuroda showed when he was about to get help in the hot tub.

Next time, Stage Two Start! Maybe a new opening song to fill us with more spoilers?

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