Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Overlord II - Episode 7 - Solution Shrugs

Solution is playing the Lady of the House, but since she's not actually in charge of their operation in the city, she leaves it to Sebas to negotiate with some uninvited guests.

Sebas has gotten himself into a big plot with the rescue of that poor sex slave Tuare. The Blue Rose adventurer group is aligned with Princess Renner to take down the Eight Fingers. Some of the nobles are involved with the crime syndicate, so this has become a pretty big deal.

Sebas has problems closer to home because Solution, who is actually a Slime monster, really hates humans as all the Pleiades Battle Maids do, so she really disagrees with Sebas' actions. Sebas couldn't help it anyway, since helping people in trouble was programmed into him by his creator and it will be interesting to see Momonga recognize that.

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