Monday, February 19, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Fate EXTRA Last Encore - Episode 4 - Nero Blocks a Bullet

The Saber Class is pretty good at blocking ranged weapons, like Nero did with a sniper bullet.

A trip in the space elevator meant another dip in the spa, but boo! We only saw Rin from 40 feet away! I suppose we have to be happy with what Nero showed us a couple of episodes ago, plus she gave us the marvelous gift of her red ribbon robe. Will this become the next big (or skimpy) thing?

Nero had a nice walk in the woods with her Master until the other Servant arrived. Archer Class too. Sabers and Archers hardly ever get along...

Unforgivable! That guy shot an arrow into Nero's perfect right breast!

Oh thank goodness. She got better, with some help from a stranded Master.

Dan Blackmore is the Floor Master who needs defeating. A sniper paired with an Archer doesn't seem to be a very balanced team.

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