Sunday, February 18, 2018

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi S2 - Episode 6

Kokonotsu meets the manager of the new convenience store.

Episode 6 - "Convenience Store, Job Magazine, and..."


It's apparently a very big deal for this town in the boonies to get a convenience store. It has a photocopier, fax machine, and ATM! It also provides Kokonotsu with the male version of Hotaru, right down to the flashy shoes and suit, the propensity to make dramatic poses, and even those crazy spiral eyes. The Shikada Dagashiya is in a big pinch!

And So.

Let's talk about this episode. Well, let's do that after we appreciate Saya still filling in for Hotaru for the "de, de" eye catches.

Yutaka Beni - the male Hotaru

What if Hotaru got turned into a man but was crazy about convenience stores instead of snacks? Yes, you would get this guy!

I even appreciated how he was slightly condescending of the neighborhood kids for not knowing how to navigate an automatic sliding door. And he was right!

Just like Hotaru, Yutaka immediately recognized Kokonotsu's talent for matching product with price and local clientele, even at the expense of his competing market share.

He also ignores the norms of personal space. With Hotaru, that's a bit welcome for a teenage boy. Not so much with an overbearing dude with a flashy suit and watch.

Kokonotsu - Man of Principles

"I won't find the dirty pleasures I seek in those magazines. More importantly, I'll grab them with my own two hands!"
Hey, I didn't say they were honorable principles. And even more importantly, we know in whom he wants to grab those dirty pleasures with his own two hands!

The one thing to note during Yutaka's hard sell to Kokonotsu was that we'll soon meet the mousy glasses wearing girl Hajme Owari. Truly the beginning and the end.

How Convenient.

What strange paranoia is this? Kokonotsu thinks the new building might be a "fake convenient store." Saya won't stand for that nonsense. And why are they sneaking around anyway?

Both Kokonotsu and Tou are totally enjoying the idea of a convenience store in their boonies town. Tou is just here for the sexy magazines.

That manager guy is flashy like a certain someone the kids know. There's got to be a pun on his name too. He says he wants to revitalize the town.

Tou goes straight to the lad mags.

Kokonotsu knows how to sell stuff and he knows that cake section isn't going to do well because the product doesn't match the price with the clientele.

Yutaka loves the pure, pure boy!

Um, why does Yutaka think that the job magazine is his final trump card? The motto fits with the fake smiles you see at a convenience store anyway, but what's the point of showing the happy coworkers? Kokonotsu is a sales consultant, not an employee, so he'll see right through this stuff.

Just like that disaffected mousy lady. That same disaffected mousy lady who tripped and fell in front of the candy store...

Next time, the beginning of the end... I mean we meet Hajime Owari.

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