Saturday, February 17, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Takunomi - Episode 6 - Michiru Wants Fish

Michiru got a real hankering for fish when she couldn't get any for lunch. She made that poor guy nervous just by staring so hard.

Luckily for Michiru, Nao and Makoto got a whole bunch of fish from their parents in Hokkaido and Kae got busy in the kitchen. This tied into Michiru's realization she may have been feeling homesick because of how much fish she ate back there.

Nao had the misimpression that she and Makoto were known as an adorable pair of sisters, but it turned out the talent scouts were only interested in Makoto. Also, Nao went from wearing a skirt to shorts really quick for some reason...

Of course, tying fish and home life together is not enough for this show. Let's add some sake! Oh, and the weekly liquor commercial too.

Kae was ready to dish out more fish for Michiru's sake cup. Michiru's sake switch wasn't the only thing flipped this week. Nao got her yuri switch flipped too!

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