Sunday, February 18, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Nanatsu no Bitoku - Episode 4 - Sandalphon Ready to Start

After "helping" her Messiah candidate focus on studying for his exams, Sandalphon pronounced him finally ready to start the training. I think he did a lot of concentration exercises while she was with him already...

I found it hilarious that the Angel of Diligence was friendly enough with the Demon of Sloth to exchange ideas about gadgets. They're each other's counterpart of Sin and Virtue, but they're also dark-skinned and into technology. Belphegor has a little more "upstairs" than Sandalphon though.

Sandalphon the Angel of Diligence has chosen her Messiah candidate. But she'll let him concentrate on his exams first before getting distracted by his Messiah training. She'll "help" by building machines to allow his to study and by inadvertantly making him practice diligence by trying not to get distracted by her angelic body.

Focus, Messiah, focus! But don't focus on Sandalphon!

It's okay to take a break so one's diligence can be renewed. Too bad Sandalphon never let her Messiah candidate get a break from looking at that ass weapon of distraction.

This was a fun episode where one of the angels actually acknowledged that they're spun off from that Seven Mortal Sins show.


Diligence paid off for our Messiah Candidate when he got a nice NSFW show as one of Sandalphon's devices ran amok.

Sandalphon was a dirty, dirty angle who got so clean her armor disintegrated. She only had an apron to cover her up while she cooked for her Messiah.

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