Friday, August 04, 2017

10 Second Anime - Vatican Kiseki Chousakan - Episode 4

Roberto and Joseph finish their investigation of miracles at Saint Rosario and uncover a decades old conspiracy.

Episode IV - "Even so, I Still Believe in the Lord God"


Well, I didn't hear a gunshot in the final scene of last week's episode, but someone is on the side of Roberto and Joseph against a freaky cult member. With a laser sighted handgun, no less.

That was James the guard underneath that skull mask?

Confirmed: the Ouija board has those special runes on it, in alphabetical order. Now Roberto can decipher that bloody cross.

James' body got moved and Anna Dolores is missing. That was quick. The Federales still haven't gotten across that swollen river.

This is only the 2nd night since Roberto and Joseph arrived.

Yeesh, this rune code is being taught to the kids at the boarding school. No wonder they were let to play with that Ouija board.

Yeah, we're definitely dealing with Nazis. That cross has words from Mein Kampf: "The Übermensch already exists within us. He is brave and cruel."

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Lemme sum up: Heinrich Muller, the head of the Gestapo, escaped Europe in 1945 with a bunch of handpicked orphans to continue the Third Reich in Mexico with plans to create Hitler's heir from his frozen sperm. Mary Brown was the chosen mother, had complications, but the surviving child was Fr. Thomas.

The Janus baby became a symbol of sorts as the Nuevo Nazis became rich through drug manufacturing and used their Vatican influence to launder that money and corrupt certain Church officials.

Interesting how there was not one swastika anywhere in Heinrich Muller's things. A nod to cultural sensitivity from the producers or just evidence of good spy craft from the former Gestapo?

Thomas was considered a failure because they couldn't find any trace of Hitler in his kind personality, but three months ago, probably timed with the Nuevo Nazis trying to make a new heir with Anna Dolores, Thomas went crazy and his split personality asserted control over the Hitler cult. In vitro insemination, not virgin conception.

What isn't made clear is why the martyr murders started happening right when the Vatican duo arrived. It probably provoked more insanity from Thomas. It explains why he started killing the old generation who didn't believe him to be the path to their continued Reich, but it doesn't make sense why he killed Francesco and Dorothea. More on them later.

Ah. Those strange columns on campus were wave guides to spread this high-pitched noise to control the brainwashed students.

Well, somebody sabotaged the whole place. Must be the dude who shot James.

Oh, that's not Holy Water. That's sulfuric acid! Pretty sneaky.

Ha! This was pure horror movie stuff. Just when you think you've killed Jason or Freddie, they pop up one last time.

Oh hey, Fr. McGee. I guess you were a good guy.

Aw. There was nonsexual hanking and panking going on. Francesco and Dorothea were part of this Zion's Law group of Nazi hunters. That sign and countersign stuff was legitimate. It's still not clear how Thomas knew they needed to be killed, though.

Looks like Archbishop Saul saw a good opportunity to take down the Heinrich Charity and the financial corruption surrounding it.

Four episodes to a miracle investigation? I can live with that pace. The end credits show some scenes for the next adventure. Somewhere in Austria? Hopefully they don't load up this miracle with every single Church scandal from the last 20 years too. And it looks like Joseph's little brother Ryouta is having a setback.

Burning question: will we get our yaoi preview couch back?

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