Friday, August 04, 2017

10 Second Anime - Gamers! - Episode 4

In two short vignettes, we see how Karen changed after she met Keita and how she tries to understand his gaming perspective.

DAY 4 - "Intermission - Karen Tendou and Slump Days"


I wish I knew the title of the episode before it started, but this show likes to put those things at the end. Because if I had known, I wouldn't be wondering if we were ever going to get back to the hilarious cliffhanger from last week. Oh well. I figure we got a big dose of Karen because there's going to be so much time devoted to Chiaki and Aguri.

Karen's lovely day before and after Keita's rejection.

Wow. She's a total mess now.

Ahem. It's not a date. It's a walk.

This date, er walk is happening after the Chiaki incident in the classroom but before her radical change in looks.

Keita is a terrible gambler. Do they still let kids play these coin games in arcades? It's pretty much straight gambling right? I suppose they can't exchange those tokens for money, only prizes and more tokens.

Keita explained the nuances of his gaming philosophy. It's not fun over winning. It's fun and winning. The gaming club is like work, or practice for contests. It's really more of a sports club with drills and team practice. Keita just wants to play the games and win if he can.

That walk didn't help Karen get over her slump at all.

And nooooo! Not even a hint of that cliffhanger in the love square with Chiaki, Tasuku, Aguri, and Keita.

Karen gets another turn in the end card. Can anyone make out what that first word in the phrase "C---ESS OF THE GAME?"

Update: Twitter folk tell me the obvious: GODDESS OF THE GAME. I should have seen that!

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