Thursday, August 03, 2017

10 Second Anime - Gamers! - Episode 3

Keita makes friends with gamer girl Chiaki but misunderstandings arise when she changes her style.

DAY 3 - "Chiaki Hoshinomori and StreetPass Communication"


The StreetPass reference in the episode title refers to a feature in the Nintendo 3DS which let you know if other 3DS players were open to joining your game. Here, it's how Keita thought of Tasuku's plan to get him used to talking to gamer girls in real life so he could finally be ready for a relationship with Karen the school idol. With how she's devolving into a stalker recluse, Keita is going to have to rehab Karen to be ready for their rom-com.

Nothing like a little panchira in the morning to perk you up.

Tasuku and Keita are full on gamer buddies now, arguing over games and how they liked or didn't like certain parts of them.

Yaoi kabedon! All the fujoshi girls in the hallway swooned!

Tasuku thinks Keita needs practice in talking to gamer girls and he pointed him in the direction of Chiaki Hoshinomori. It's not quite clear to me how Tasuku found out about her, but I'm sure the cool kids keep tabs on all the different girls in their class.

Man, I love how all the kids in the classroom are so nosy. This is probably because Karen is involved.

Chiaki is the quintessential shy gamer girl. Look how far apart she and Keita are while talking, or trying to talk.

Aw. She lit up when she saw Keita was her kind of gamer, seriously casual but not competitive.

Uh oh! Nerd rage! Fighting over moe characters! It's a fundamental philosophical divide...

Tasuku and Keita make good buddies now. They got their banter going.

Chiaki has a cute speaking tic where she repeats words for emphasis.

Whoa. This is hardcore nerd fighting. She insulted Keita's height. He insulted her wild hair, calling her "Seaweed Head."

Ha! They both agree that this minor point is important to them because they're "lonely gamers with nothing but inflated egos," which means they can't compromise on their game preferences.

Well, their argument won't be resolved in a day, but as Tasuku is leaving he mentions that Chiaki would look cuter with shorter hair. Aguri doesn't like the look of all this leaning he's doing.

Hmm. Keita left a quick comment on the site of the creator of the game Tasuku was complaining about earlier. And this Nobe guy responded really quick. Potential new character?

Wow~. Chiaki showed up with short hair and a shorter skirt! Tasuku didn't say anything about a shorter skirt, Chiaki-chan!

Har. Keita recognized her and called her Dried Seaweed Head, because the seaweed was shorter.

Keita tried to calm down Aguri and then he threw up the biggest flag in comedy: "I hope nothing else bad happens." Gah!

Obviously, this is the moment Tasuku discovers Chiaki is Keita's game buddy Mono, but it looks like a hell of a misunderstanding.

It's Chiaki's turn for a striped bikini in the end card. She's got that StreetPass connection going on, doesn't she?

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