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10 Second Anime - Vatican Kiseki Chousakan - Episode 3

Roberto and Joseph discover more signs of devil worship and the nefarious origins of Saint Rosario under Fr. Michael Brown.

Episode III - "Secrets of the Gods and the Beast of 666"


Nice background music for Roberto's lock picking scene. Very reminiscent of the Pink Panther.

Oh! The founder's office is actually a shrine with a mummified Michael Brown sitting at his desk!

That Lance of Longinus doesn't look like a replica... Roberto thinks it's the actual one stolen from the British Museum. I didn't catch when it was purported to be stolen, but it must have been decades ago.

The Devil's Bible found at a place of suspected devil worship? The deuce you say!

And there's the other half of that tally counter Archbishop Saul gave Roberto and Joseph. "Heinrich" it says. More Germans...

So, is Lauren Di Luca a dude or a dudette? Fitting the yaoi overtones of the show, I'd expect him to be dude with very pretty eyelashes. Lauren is the Vatican's network security architect. Must be nice for the science and math oriented Joseph to make a friend like that.

Lauren is going to look up that name Heinrich in the Vatican banking system. It's not really hacking if you have access, is it?

Always suspect a brand new character who was supposed to be there the whole time. What's Fr. McGee been doing during all this rainstorming and serial killing? Oh, just a little bit of light genetic research at the hospital. He was the guy that visited Anna Dolores last episode.

Genetic research? For a bunch of devil worshipers who want to follow the Devil's Bible and want to recreate the prophecy of a virgin birth for devil spawn? In vitro insemination is sounding a lot more plausible now for Anna Dolores, eh?

Oh, let's throw another Catholic drama point at this location: demonic possession!

Priests always carry holy water, a cross, and the Rite. They need them to celebrate Mass. Let's not make a big deal out of normal Catholic things used in an exorcism.

That's novel. Beat the demon by smacking the possessed in the head. Ah well, that Carlos kid wasn't really possessed anyway. He was having a psychotic break from a drug overdose.

Dayum, they're really loading up all the Church's scandals onto this one place. Using the hospital to manufacture and deal drugs and mash that together with pederasty and molestation. The molestation part isn't surprising to see in an isolated compound. We already had Francesco and Dorothea hanking their panky.

I'm not sure if this is bad translation or what, but Carlos appears to imply that Fr. Klaus wasn't the only one giving him drugs and having his way with him. All this happened in the same shed where Klaus' body was found, which was very far away from the Church where Mary's statue supposedly fell on him. That still sounds pretty weak to me, but that's a minor point to the big mystery surrounding Saint Rosario.

So, Joseph confirmed that James the guard has trouble seeing things standing still because of the head injury which caused his big white-haired scar. This explains why he thought Mario was floating, but it doesn't explain why Johannes confirmed it. Joseph thinks Johannes is lying about what he saw, either because he was the one choking Mario or he was covering up for whoever it was.

Joseph also confirmed that Mario doesn't have the stigmata because he was also bleeding from his head and his neck during his outburst the day before. That stress-induced blood sweating is called hematidrosis.

With the introduction of molestation and drug manufacturing, these visitation types of miracles are looking much less miraculous.

This Fr. Thomas keeps talking to this two-headed 666 Beast. Meanwhile, we got introduced to Mary Brown, Fr. Michael Brown's adopted daughter, as she carried around a creepy two-headed doll. Her crazy ramblings pointed Joseph toward the UFO sighting in 1945, but I'm more concerned about this other baby that survived the Mary's difficult birth with a deformed baby. If that deformed baby really did have two faces, that meant Mary had triplets, but two of the babies didn't separate properly.

Anyway, Zeppelins! Nazi Zeppelins! Well, one Nazi zeppelin flew to Mexico. Nazis, I hate those guys.

This two-headed baby has really become a symbol at Saint Rosario. The escaped Nazis began likening it to Janus, the god who guards the entrance and exit to the gate of Hell.

Ah. Gotta have one scene of yaoi stress between Roberto and Joseph. They're more than partners, right? Right? Calm down fujoshi...

Lauren found that Heinrich clue in the Vatican banking system. Large financial fraud and corruption going on behind the scenes. No wonder Saul cautioned Roberto and Joseph about their faith in the Church being tested.

Roberto still can't read the runes or figure out the code on that bloody cross, but let's go ask the kids playing with the Ouija board that has those runes on it. These séances seem like some kind of grooming tactic to initiate the worthy into this Nazi Janus-worshiping cult.

And here's your cliffhanger. That mask wearing dude didn't really stab Roberto or Joseph. Both have to be alive for the next mystery to fill out the rest of the season.

Next time, the yaoi couch preview says the partners will go looking for that gate that Janus is guarding.

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