Wednesday, August 02, 2017

10 Second Anime - Gamers! - Episode 2

Tasuku, Keita's good looking classmate, shares a love of videogames with him and learns something nice about his girlfriend.

DAY 2 - "Tasuku Uehara and New Game +"


The episode lets us know right off the bat that this is Tasuku's story this week since we got a replay of Keita's dramatic rejection of Karen from his perspective.

Yay! Opening credits! Fun song with a lot of popular game references.

Oh ho. Tasuku appears deeper than his cool kid friends. He almost called them lame for projecting their insecurities onto Keita for looking "stuck-up" for rejecting Karen.

The explanation: Tasuku was a gamer geek who had a high school debut (the plot convention of changing one's looks dramatically from middle school to high school, usually applies only to girls). He sees a lot of himself in Keita, causing misplaced anger.

Keita is not a gamer! He's a game evangelist! He should write game reviews...

Aw. Keita wanted to play a fighting game by himself at the arcade, but that's not arcade gaming culture. Tasuku took pity on him. They're arcade game buddies now.

Tasuku really was a geeky gamer. He knew all the tics that Keita had in the fighting game plus wanting to play the contest games without the stress of competition.

Keita was sensitive to the rules of high school when he excused himself so Tasuku's friends wouldn't see them together.

That really bugged Tasuku because if he could hang out with the cool kids, then so could Keita.

Keita knows he's socially awkward and didn't want to mess up Tasuku's "real life" outside of gaming. That pissed Tasuku off even more because it was a lot of hard work for a geek to fit in with the normies. Any geek, even Keita, could get a "real life" with some effort.

Ah. Tasuku's raw feelings made him insult Karen's gaming club. Not a good idea.

Keita is a passionate guy when it comes to all kinds of gaming. Competitive gaming isn't his thing, but it's good that Karen's club can enjoy games in their own way.

I'm starting to get a sense of the different gaming cultures or tribes the kids belong to. Keita is game explorer. Karen is a pro gamer. Tasuku is an arcade gamer. Aguri is a social casual gamer.

Wow. Karen has it bad for Keita. I'm enjoying how blatant the love story is here.

Tasuku still has that geeky bluntness. He just outright said Karen was in love with Keita. To her face!

Aaaahhh! This is the scene that made me want to blog this show! Aguri knew who Tasuku was the whole time! She's been in love with him since middle school, before his debut. I'm getting vibes of Ore Monogatari from how straightforward the romance is in this comedy. Tasuku is going to fall in love with the past version of Aguri. That's going to make for some strange jealousy. I can't wait.

Nice end credit song too. Making sure the we know the focus is on the cute girls and not the gamer geek boys.

Karen still isn't getting any love from Keita. It looks like he found his Mono game buddy, but he just doesn't know it yet.

The end card is still putting Karen in a bikini. It's Summer, so that's to be expected. I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin'.

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