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10 Second Anime - Vatican Kiseki Chousakan - Episode 2

Frs. Roberto and Joseph continue their investigation which now includes a devil worshiping serial killer.

Episode II - "The Endless Unease of Existence"


Oh, this two headed goat beast with the 666 has got to be in a dream. That dude wearing the blue shawl was named Fr. Thomas. Beast-goat seems pissed about disloyalty but Thomas says the others will come back to him. Alright, we got some devil worshiping happening at Saint Rosario.

Aw. The Mary statue's tears are just water from condensation. The skeptical duo picked up on how the crowd had never seen this happen before, so the question now becomes why is the statue so cold all of a sudden. That was a nice observation leading to a clue.

A locked up office for the founder of the school which still contains his "spirit." Nothing shady about that.

This Fr. Michael Brown rescued war orphans and restored a church and founded a school somewhere in Europe. Germany, I'm guessing. He even brought those orphans with him to Mexico when he was reassigned and built up Saint Rosario. In fact, a whole bunch of those original orphans are still at the school, including Fr. Johannes the principal, Leon Russell the head of the secretariat, his wife, the dead Fr. Klaus, and the devoted Fr. Joseph who won't let Roberto into the Fr. Michael's office to look at his collection of books and texts.

Ah, even the kids at the boarding school are throwing off yaoi vibes. This Mario and Sebastian has the upper and lower classman pairing all set up.

Why is this séance and Ouija board stuff such a big deal at this school? Mario is the Wizard Master. Okay. Should there really be all this occult stuff happening at a Catholic boarding school in this modern age?

I can't tell if this is the fault of Sebastian or the fault of the animation directors, but he changed his worried look about Fr. Klaus' death to one of happy reminiscence awfully quick. Maybe he's just really into Mario...

Well, well, well. The audience now has confirmation of hankyness vis-a-vis pankyness.

These two have been at this a while since they even use their own sign and countersign.

As expected, more bodies start showing up. Fr. Francesco was next, found in his room with his teeth extracted. And then Sr. Dorothea was found in her room, with her eyes gouged out. Joseph noticed the deaths matching the martyrs in the stained glass windows.

Roberto told Joseph he suspected those two had a connection of sorts. Of sorts.

The timing of these killings and miracles is way too much. Mario just up and had a visitation while showing off a stigmata. He mentioned a "first sheep." Remember, no stray scenes in this kind of show.

Isn't that convenient? Heavy rains are preventing the police from crossing the river so now the church grounds are cut off with a serial killer on the loose.

Mario said he first started getting the stigmata 3 months ago. Isn't that when Anna Dolores first came to Saint Rosario? No coincidences here, my friends.

That scene in the first episode where the guard stumbled upon Mario floating and bleeding was three months ago. I suppose the writers didn't want to let us know about that until Joseph mentioned the timing.

Seems like a lot of blood at the scene for wounds from Mario's hands. These modern detectives love them some luminol to make blood glow.

Runes from Germany written in code... I seem to remember a group of Germans from 1945 who loved codes too...

I don't get it. Fr. Johannes cleaned up the blood, so shouldn't his footprints be there too with Mario's? But Joseph found only one set of adult and child sized shoeprints. Might we be having an unreliable witness in Fr. Johannes who also saw Mario floating like James the Guard did?

I can't believe these two Vatican dudes have only been here two days. Well, checking out Mario's blood close to the Mary statue gave Joseph a leap of intuition. The whole front side of it was covered with blood at one point.

Joseph thinks the statue was pushed down on Klaus, killing him, and then the murderer cleaned it up in the cold fountain outside. This explains why it was so cold and started condensing tears. I can't believe that the statue didn't break after landing on a hard church floor. At least some part of it should have been chipped. Also, how strong is this murderer to drag it to a fountain, lift it up over the basin lip, and lift it back out? This seems far-fetched if the statue really was heavy enough to kill someone just by being tipped over.

Jeez! Three deaths in one night? Old Fr. Joseph now. This serial killer needs to pace himself.

Ah! He's still alive! Oh, he's dead again. Never mind. He was alive long enough to give us another cryptic phrase for a clue, "He has awakened. Forgive me, Michael." The obvious interpretation is that the devil has awakened and Fr. Joseph was supposed to keep him asleep at the request of Fr. Michael Brown. We'll see if that plays out.

Next time, Roberto and Joseph make plans from their yaoi sofa about getting into Michael Brown's office.

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