Tuesday, August 01, 2017

10 Second Anime - Gamers! - Episode 1

High school kids in this romantic comedy show that gamers come in all different kinds. School idol Karen recruits casual gamer Keita to the Gaming Club. Season Premiere.

DAY 1 - "Keita Amano and Chapters of the Chosen"


It's the first episode and there's so much world building and character introduction that we don't get an opening credits or ending credits sequence. We'll have to wait until the next episode.

The episode titles call each installment a "day." They must be referencing a dating simulator.

Whoa! High drama in the very first scene. Close-ups on the main characters. It's Summer and then we go back to Spring. Ah. Flash forward on where all the romantic entanglements lead up to.

The main character is Keita Amano. It's not a coincidence his given name is a homonym for a cellphone.

Love interest is the school idol Karen Tendou.

I love the goofy sound effects referencing arcade games. I just heard a Missile Command explosion.

Oh ho. Karen must have a dark gaming secret.

Ha! What's this phrase "getting flustered on purpose" supposed to prove? Like, I was only showing nervousness so that you don't feel nervous? That's some desperate deflection there.

That main girl on the cover of that game looks remarkably like Karen. She even has a black bow on the back of her head.

Ah. That is not the face of a girl being creeped out by an eroge.

Oh, that's what this is about. Karen is recruiting Keita to join the Gaming Club because she noticed he's a big gaming nerd. There's going to be a bunch of comedic twists on this conventional plot.

Oh, here's an ikemen with a hot girlfriend. Tasuku just happens to be really good at arcade games and the crane game. Hmmmm.

That fail face of Tasuku's shows he used to be a big nerd. Totally.

Here's some more romantic entanglement. Mono, Keita's social phone game buddy, is a girl with wild hair. She's going to get a makeover, I just know it.

The cool kids are making way too big a deal of Karen the school idol talking to Keita.

Aw, poor Keita got his hopes up that he was special. Nope, he's just one of a few recruits to the Gaming Club. There's going to be twist on here too, I'm sure.

So, the Gaming Club is about competitive gaming. FPS and fighting games and winning prize money at tournaments. Keita doesn't seem cut out for this stuff if he'd rather explore the world of "COS" instead of killing the other team.

What is this? All these kids have terrible backstories for becoming gamers. Like they're all characters in a tournament battle anime. Even Misumi, who got better as Keita got worse during the two hours of game play. Keita just likes video games. Is that not enough?

Here comes the twist. How can he say no to cute Niina-senpai giving him a fighting game pad? Yeah, he said no! Nice focus on the exit sign!

Here we go again. Karen is forced to talk to Keita as everyone else is scandalized that school idol is getting close to the class pariah.

And denied! He'd rather play a smartphone game with Mono.

Let's just make this public rejection scene worse with a random banana peel! What?!

This end card shows that girl we saw in the first dramatic scene. Hoshinomori? I'll have to be on the look out for her when she shows up. And nice striped bikini there, Karen.

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