Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Little Witch Academia - Episode 25 [END] - Akko Flies

The best possible conclusion for this wonderful little story was our main character Akko finally learning to fly with her own magic power.

Chariot and Croix gave the 7 witches a powered up wardrobe change to chase after a runaway magic missile.

The witches themselves acted as booster rockets to reach the fast moving magic ICBM. Jasminka, job done, took a donut snack. Constanze offered up a nonverbal thumbs up for encouragement.

Not one episode was wasted during both seasons the anime. The legendary broom which escaped in the first season found its worthy partner in Akko just in time to fly circles around the hate-filled magic threat.

Trigger likes mecha inspired transformation and incorporating their signature cross patterns everywhere.

The hope-filled magic Akko and Diana used to defeat the missile was literally returned to the entire planet with a big smiley face. Shiny Rod itself took its rightful place back in the sky as the Big Dipper. We got our happily ever after ending too.

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