Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - THE iDOLMaSTER CINDERELLA GIRLS Theater - Episode 13 [END] - Ranko Has Sketches

Ranko and her idol friend Asuka get along well, even though their conversations go full chuunibyou. They even add sketches to go with their ramblings, er, evocative scenarios.

Ranko likes to go full chuuni in public, while Asuka tries to put on a mature hidden in plain site vibe. She can't hide that coffee is still too bitter for her.

Red eyes. Never a good sign for normalcy in Ranko's and Asuka's make-believe world.

Ranko thinks chuuni diaries, er, Grimoires are way too personal for anyone else to see. Asuka insists, as a sign of their shared visions, uh, sensibilities.

Miyu didn't invite Producer-san to her favorite bar for a nightcap. She needed his help to carry drunk and passed out Yuki home.

These fun little shorts kept the Cinderella Girls in the commercial sphere, but not all of them made it into the weekly episodes. Here's a nice poster with all the ones we missed.

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