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10 Second Anime - sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Episode 10

Lucifer travels through the 9 Circles of Hell to meet Belial at Cocytus. The other Sins confront Belial on clues of her subterfuge.

Episode 10 - "Love Your Enemies and Pray for Those Who Persecute You"


Lucifer went on her own trek through Inferno, but where Dante got Virgil as his guide, Lu only had Behemoth in his squeaky toy form. Not very helpful.

Most of the Sins got imprisoned or confronted Belial in a corresponding Circle. It appears that Belial getting designated Leader actually meant something, even if the other Demon Lords didn't respect her as one. They have to respect her now ("respect mah authoritah!" /Cartman voice).

Also, Belial had a plan to tire Lucifer out before they met. Those ice giant traitors put up the most resistance, understandably, and Belial thinks she's go the upper hand. That's the cliffhanger.

So, let's appreciate this aggressive lesbian version of the 9 Circles of Hell. Lucifer is no Dante and Behemoth is no Virgil, but it was still fun to watch.

Lu doesn't care about the weird people making up the cliff faces. No tongue.

Lucifer let Levi handle Astaroth in the 1st Circle of Hell, Limbo. Satan was sifting souls there a couple of weeks ago. Too bad we didn't see any virtuous pagans.

The 2nd Circle was the Hell of Lust, so naturally Asmodeus confronted Belial there and we found out that she suspects Belial made some sort of deal with Heaven. We also found out here that Belial asked the other Sins to let her be the Leader, and they didn't seem to care at that point. But it's good to be the King, since the other Sins can't defy the number one Demon Lord, at all.

Asmodeus knows Belial is lying because of her pheromones. Nice call back to her particular episode. It has been a while. The 2nd Circle is also home to raging storms, which explains why Asmodeus controlled windstorms of lust.

Asmodeus' flashback of Belial petitioning to be leader of the Mortal Sins shows what each one really cared about. Belial explained she wanted to "beat Heaven" for some reason, and needed to be Leader when the Mortal Sins didn't have one at that moment.

  • She convinced Satan by declaring her goal of defeating Heaven.
  • She told Mammon she wanted to redevelop Hell
  • She told Beelzebub she'd get good meat
  • She told Belphegor she'd do all the stuff no one else wanted to do
  • Astaroth just said yes, why are you asking me, I'm nobody...
  • Asmodeus wanted a nice taste of Angel flesh

While Belial didn't have any leadership skills, the position came with one good perk: none of the other Mortal Sins could harm her. And she could turn their Sinful weapons against them. That makes for a painful-pleasurable kind of torture we've come to expect from aggressive lesbianism shows.

In the 3rd Circle, Beelzebub is being force fed sausage. The 3rd Circle in the Inferno was Gluttony, of course, so now Bub is being fed bad meat. Also of course, it looks very suggestive...

The 4th Circle is Greed, and Mammon makes up for all the lack of nudity she had in her particular episode. Like, a lot. Mammon, being the Demon Lord most concerned with property and invoices, became the source for hints of Belial's fake family history. The Byrnedale name is real, but her claim to it and its old property may not be so. In fact, there's a pretty strong insinuation that Lucifer is not the first Fallen Angel to make herself a Demon Lord.

The 5th Circle is Wrath, but Satan isn't there. Instead we get cut to Levi and Astaroth still fighting, but not being too serious about it.

The 6th Circle is Heresy and we found Belphegor being made to run on a treadmill. Is Sloth a kind of Heresy? It is if you're being too lazy with the rigors of your theology and you begin to believe and propagate wrong things.

The 7th Circle is Violence. In the Inferno, its most distinguishing feature was a great cliff, which was reproduced in the episode with Lucifer hitching a ride on some kind of flying gorgon.

The 8th Circle is Fraud, and naturally Satan is confronting Belial about her lies. Satan also got a chance to make up for her lack of nudity, but it was marred, literally, but black sludge where the ambient lighting was also too dark to appreciate the skin-tight torture.

Meanwhile, Belial keeps messing around with Maria and thinks her virgin blood will strengthen the remade sword that Lucifer broke in the first episode. At this point, Maria found out that Lucifer put angelic blood into her. I thought Maria figured this out in the 2nd episode when Lucifer took her heart. Oh well, it sounds treacherous, right? Good enough of for the 9th Circle of Hell.

Lucifer finally made it to the 9th Circle, the Hell of Traitors, Cocytus. Figuratively, the Devil's Asshole. In the Inferno, this is where Lucifer, as the three-faced goat demon Satan, resides, where he gnaws on Judas, Brutus, and Cassius. Leave it to a Renaissance Italian to think that two traitors against Julius Caesar rank up there with the Son of God's betrayer.

The ice titans that Lu defeated were supposedly thrown out of Heaven for disloyalty. That may explain the weird looking crowns that look like haloes.

Anyway, Lucifer got tired. Lucifer sat down. And then Belial shows up. Because she's a strategic thinker like that...


I mentioned earlier, Mammon took up the bulk of the nudity, taking on the torture she gave to Lucifer in her featured episode. That golden horse looked like he had a laugh riot in that totally NSFW situation.

I'm appreciative of Asmodeus' return to lusty nudity, and especially Mammon's contribution, but I'm still a bit miffed at the lack of Satan's naked display. She and Belphegor are the tanned beauties of this show and barely a languorous pan over their sun dewed breasts... I'm going to stop now.

Levi and Astaroth make for a fun pair, especially when their fun pairs get involved too.

Maria takes the end card, showing her heart right where her crotch is. Moe, moe kyuun took an interesting turn here... Next time, another Bible verse episode title, "Ask and ye shall receive." I think a pretty cool Dude said that a couple thousand years ago...

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