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10 Second Anime - sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Episode 6

Belphegor, the Demon Lord of Sloth, gathers Lucifer's crew into her online game.

Episode 6 - "Sloth Online"


Belphegor running an online game fits almost exactly the image of a lazy shut-in. Good choice from the creators, I have to say.

Belphegor the demon in mythology has been tied to Sloth because he was associated with technology and devices to tempt Man into being more efficient in their duties. Whether they actually became more productive was not the problem, but the enticement of saving time for more leisure opportunity. Seems like a good fit with today's digital devices, computer games, and social media.

Belphegor's "followers" are all players in the game, but to keep them lazy and engaged, she has to keep planning more events. Obviously, the Lu crew is going to be involved in her Demon Lord Event.

Ha! Mammon provides the services for Belphegor's "net game." I expect to see an invoice at some point.

Fun. Levi made a soap bubble Behemoth. Lucifer don't care about no cute Behemoth, though...

Watch out for tapping those strange links on mobile devices. That was Levi's phone that took in Lucifer, so I presume she was taken first. Does Lu not have her own phone yet?

Lucifer let us know that the Mortal Sin of Sloth is ranked 4th out of the seven. I don't know how the Angels figure the ranking, but so far we have Belial of Vainglory 1, Astaroth of Melancholy 2, Belphegor of Sloth 4, Mammon of Greed 5, and Asmodeus of Lust 7. All that's left is to figure where Satan and Beelzebub land on 3 or 6.

Belphegor drinks shouchuu from a jug, hitting another Japanese convention of laziness.

Lucifer as Pride just goes with the flow. Sure, she'll be the Demon Lord of the Belphegor's Event. Such an OP character, plus, she's getting stronger as those parts of Belial's curse get unraveled.

Lu over Bel, TKO! Belphegor gave up pretty easy, naturally, since she's lazy.

Ah, she'll get Maria to do her dirty work. Maria seems pretty trusting here. I don't think she ever asked Belphegor who she was.

I suppose the admin of the game can just give anybody super rare items. Maria doesn't look like she's in the right class to wear that heavy armor... I liked how the chest plate made Maria look like a turtle stuck on her back.

Lingerie Armor. Here we go! These online games sometimes have some balancing tradeoffs with pure magic armor. Maria should be cautious.

Hero Maririn! On an interlaced VGA monitor... Come on! This is how you know the art directors are all horny old men. Younger people wouldn't even know why a tablet screen would look like that.

Bel is pure hikikomori. Belial looks over her pile of magazines, game boxes, and snacks and Bel just says she knows where everything is and it's all within reach of her tail. Ha! I love that tail (hurr).

I love the names in this game. Chanel #5 Hot Springs! Erases lingerie magic and makes boobs bigger!

Confirmed: Bel is supposed to be a cat. Maybe even a Serval Cat... Her horns look like the ears of one, but she has droopy ears like a Scottish Fold.

Ah. Jungle training montage, complete with leaf bikini. I sure hope that isn't actually poison ivy, considering where Maria ends up putting that leaf bikini bottom.

Tentacle grape! Just to make her grow her Belphegor tail?

What the...? The Waterfall of Julio Iglesias. Oookay. And this was where Levi ended up. In an angel outfit. That was a quick trial to get the Legendary Item, basically bribery just to make Hero Maririn go away and not tell Lucifer about her costume.

Indictment on Net Games or just following Bel's character? "It's cheaper just to reskin the same item with a different color," she said. Black Lingerie Armor became White Lingerie Armor.

These game players' comments really show the net game culture. Events in a MMORPG last until they're done, and don't care about going to work on time or getting enough sleep. So true!

Hero Maririn vs. Demon Lord Lucifer. Who you got?!

Well, of course a Legendary Item granted by Leviathan would be water based. And it's indestructible too.

Whoa. Maria beat Lucifer. Almost too easy. Actually, it was too easy. All the game players left because the event was over so fast and Bel lost all her followers.

Another piece of Belial's curse flew away. How many are left now? There may have been only six, since Astaroth wasn't there at the first battle, but Lucifer and Astaroth didn't really beat each other in their encounter, but they became friends. Astaroth and Belial will be the two Demon Lords to be replaced, so their curse power will probably be the last pieces.

There it was! Mammon's huge invoice for Belphegor's game hosting services.

Oh. Maria knew what was going on. She just wanted to fight Lu a little bit when the stakes weren't so high.

Ooh, we're back to the old end credits, but it's uncensored now. There's some artsy framing getting used, with the shape derived from some body part of the girl.


I didn't think there would be that much nudity in this episode, indeed, Belphegor never even shows her boobs until the uncensored end credits, but Maria and Lucifer handled the NSFW scenes like champions. Also, the end credits gave me a bit of extra work to assemble some of the pretty demons' gravure shots with the artsy frame and the credits' words all over their sexy bodies.

This must be one of those R-18 net games, because how else do you explain Demon Lord Lucifer and Hero Maririn fighting naked almost the entire time?

And then we had the glorious unfiltered end credits. The creditless sequences for the Blu-rays will definitely be worth taking a look.

Even the end card had no nudity for Belphegor, although she does appear to be a bit excited to be here.

Next time, something for the lolicons: Beelzebub the Demon Lord of Gluttony will eat her way into your hearts. I hope that's not literal, though.

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