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10 Second Anime - sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Episode 7

Lucifer challenges Beelzebub, the Demon Lord of Gluttony, to an eating contest. Belial plots evil behind the scenes.

Episode 7 - "Guiltless Gluttony"


Let's take a moment to address bulimia nervosa. During the eating contest, Lucifer noticed red marks on Beelzebub's knuckles as she cutely burped. I wondered why they made those scrapes so prominent to the viewer. As Lucifer suffered from stomach flu, which she didn't know at the time, she heard Beelzebub start to induce vomiting from the next stall, causing her to feel sympathetic nausea and gag reflex. I suspected those scrapes on Beelzebub's hand were external signs of an eating disorder, and a quick search confirmed bulimia and induced vomiting as the culprit.

However, Beelzebub landed in the hospital with "gastric dilation," which is a common "sports injury" for competitive eaters. Thankfully, this confirmed that Beelzebub does not have a body image problem, but an over-eating problem pushed on her by her followers. She would rather savor the flavors of food, fulfilling the anime convention of Japan being populated by sexually deviant foodies. Still, I was surprised that the scrapes on Beelzebub's hand were displayed but not explained, while her serial burping before purging was.

Beelzebub's character was much like Astaroth's, where she was just a nice girl getting caught up by pressure from her followers. In the same vein, Lucifer didn't defeat Beelzebub, but made a new friend. This is the first time Lucifer admitted that she has a more complex plan than just defeating the Demon Lords to remove their contribution to Belial's 7 Commandments curse.

And Lucifer actually showed some character development, acknowledging Levi's feelings for her and expressing gratitude to Maria for helping her navigate the real world and while she was in the hospital, a stressful situation for an Angel who had never been sick before. These are definitely not the actions of a one dimensional proud villain.


I was expecting an episode about an overeating loli, but I got a hospital fetish story with suppository jokes. At least there was some movement on the overall plot with Belial actually doing stuff because Lucifer has been on a winning streak.

The title of the episode has been translated as "Guiltless Gluttony," but that was mainly for alliteration. The phrase 咎なき (toganaki) means "sinless, blameless," which is pointing out that Beelzebub is a good loli and not much of a Demon Lord.

So, Gluttony fashion show? They even have that naked sushi thing going on.

Those Gluttony idols have an old-fashioned manga style.

The Lu Crew is definitely acting like they're the villains in this venue. Also, how did the spotlight operator figure he should aim for them? So dramatic.

Lucifer proclaims Beelzebub the 6th Mortal Sin, Demon Lord of Gluttony. This makes Satan, Demon Lord of Wrath the 3rd Mortal Sin in this show.

I'm not sure how Beelzebub, the Lord of Flies became associated with Gluttony, but a 16th Century German bishop said so. Beelzebub (or Beelzebul) derived from Baal, the Canaanite god (the zebub or zebul means "of flying") and everything got bastardized after that.

Eating contest against Gluttony? Sounds like a bad idea, Lu.

Bub (Lu's nickname for her later in the episode) is very much the cute, timid loli type character. "Sinless" Gluttony indeed.

Well, we're going to need some sexy eating from the big sister type if the loli isn't going to do it. Lu knows how to suck off a rack of lamb. Yes, that did sound dirty.

And then Lu got sick and ended up in the hospital, apparently from a stomach flu.

That glasses doctor says it's because she doesn't have a built up immune system yet. How would a doctor know that Lucifer is a brand new person? Obviously glasses and swaying breasts means this doctor is Belial in disguise.

Lu is a terror of a patient, but really, who could sleep through all that snoring and rustling?

Aw, Lu got lonely for Maria and Levi, but then she got all tsun-tsun again saying being alone if fine every once in a while. We're going to see the dere-dere part of Lu pretty soon, I'm sure.

Suppository scene in a hospital episode about sexy aggressive lesbians? Yes, please!

Well, of course that doctor was Belial. That's not really a twist or a surprise or anything.

Belial has inquisitive boobs...

Lu immediately woke up missing Maria's heart and figured Belial was that haughty doctor. I'm sure Belial loved that degrading ass play on her too.

Big breasted girls keep all sorts of things in their cleavage, including the hearts of innocent virgins, apparently.

With Belial stealing Maria's heart, maybe we'll get a larger reason for why Lucifer needed it before she fell to Hell.

Maria sure is getting confident and familiar with Lucifer lately. Lu thanked her for being so helpful in the mortal world and Maria called her out for acting weird. Good-natured teasingly, of course.

Ah. Beelzebub is in the hospital too now. Not from stomach flu. She's a usual patient from all the competitive eating her followers make her do.

The Demon Lord of Envy just has to get jealous of Lu and Bub becoming fast friends. Well, Levi isn't a Lord yet...

What? Levi still wets the bed? I suppose sea monsters just go whenever they feel like it when they're in the ocean. I loved how the Band-Aid was left behind. The tell-tale Behemoth Band-Aid!

So Lucifer is actually getting soft on Maria and Levi. That's kind of mortal of her and not proudly demonic or angelic.

Beelzebub has her own character song like Belphegor did last episode.

If Lu is going to call her Bub, I guess I will too. Besides, it's kind of a pain to type out these really long Demon names.

Lucifer gave Bub a chain choker. Did Astaroth get one? I don't remember. I have a feeling this isn't the same thing as phone strap to show friendship.

Belial figured that Lucifer had Maria's heart and then she came back for the rest of her. Cliffhanger!


Lucifer is not shy about her body, which we know from all the past episodes, so seeing her make complaints in a hospital halfway naked shouldn't be a surprise to the audience. We got no naked lolis running around, which makes it the second episode in a row where the featured Mortal Sin did not get naked. Lucifer and Belial ably carried the NSFW banner with their ample charms.

I could watch Lu complain about her neighbors in the shared room all day...

Levi needs more practice in applying hot wet towels for the dry bath.

I like Belial's kind of interrogation! Plus, she confirmed she has powerful boobs.

Levi does much better cleaning up Lu in the bathroom. Much like Maria was getting more familiar in tone with Lucifer, Levi just got more familiar with Lu's body. No stomping soap bubble Behemoths today, though Lu had trouble with a Behemoth Band-Aid later that night.

No lewding the loli... But there is some haitenai going on with this Beelzebub end card. Next time, a certain angry redhead is going to get a rematch with Lucifer. Satan, the Demon Lord of Wrath, just might have a chance with Lu still cursed by 4 of those 7 Commandments.

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