Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Frame Arms Girl - Episode 10 - Architect Sleeps

Architect takes things so literally, it only makes sense that she makes literal "z's" as she sleeps.

You know it's a slice of life show when you take a half episode to talk about different kinds of hot pot. Stiletto was the butt of all jokes about tomatoes and eel.

While Jinrai was still brooding over her Session table getting turned into a hot pot stand, Hresvelgr came by to remind us all that she's a real villain.

We got the full Gourai-Kai transformation scene instead of the abbreviated one from last episode. The Materia sisters kept teasing Stiletto in her sensitive electrical area.

As expected, Hresvelgr had more attacks up her sleeve than Architect knew about. Gourai used her new emotion Anger to charge up her big gun and stand toe-to-toe with Hresvelgr. Unfortunately, they drew on so much power, they tripped the circuit breaker. Their rematch is to be continued.

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