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10 Second Anime - sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Episode 4

Lucifer's crew meets Mammon the Demon Lord of Greed in London.

Episode 4 - "The Town of Fog Where Greed Brews"


Why is Mammon in London? Well, some guy in the early 1800's wrote that Mammon was Hell's ambassador to England, so there you go. Don't ask me about Mammon's half million illegitimate children. I have no idea what that's about but, judging from this busty version of the personification of Greed, she could easily handle breast feeding all of them.

These demon lords look like they all learned how to cook from whoever taught Levi. Use the freshest of screaming ingredients! By "fresh," they mean "alive."

Mammon is selling Wish Potions. Okay.

Nice headline on that newspaper: The Crying Boy Curse Strikes Again! Plane found on Moon!

So, Lucifer thinks Maria has some knack for finding Demon Lords. Well, Maria does have Angel blood in her, so why not?

Naturally a trap set by Greed is going to involve grabbing money.

Is that a wolf skin rug on the floor? Certain legends of Mammon describe him riding a wolf to the gates of Hell.

Lucifer says Mammon is the 5th Sin. Lust was 7th and Greed is 5th. Is this the Angels' hierarchy or the Devils'?

Since they're in Britain, the Lu Crew is all dressed in Mod style. Levi's Union Jack dress is kind of cool.

Take notes, boys and girls. Greed says the real money is in real estate.

Acid attack to melt the clothes, not the sexy body underneath. Nice, nice.

Lucifer isn't fighting really smart here. I guess we had to get to the sex-torture chamber as quickly as possible.

Speaking of that, thank goodness we only have one setting for ecchi fanservice this episode instead of the triple attack from Lust last week.

Behemoth has a pink chainsaw. Very functional, though.

I like that. Mammon presented Lucifer with an invoice for damages. I'm not sure how sitting on the wooden horse torture device converts to money, but that trashy aggressive sexiness needs to get written into the episode somehow.

Maria's angelic knack now applies to hidden compartments...

Why does the soul contract say "Signature of Student" at the bottom?

So, Mammon owns all the tourist traps around the British countryside.

What the... All these women are taking care of creepy knit dolls... The whole nursery looks like a shabby sci-fi set.

I don't understand what is going on! Mammon needs money to pay off a debt and to care for all these children from her ex-husband? Huh?

It's always the same basic question for these kinds of stories: why now? Why did Asmodeus invade Miami to make love slaves at that moment? And why did Mammon need to make brainwashing potions to care for strange dolls right now?

Well, whatever. Let Mammon jam some breasts in your face to forget how nothing makes sense.

Oh, Levi. Don't ever change. Yes, Lucifer does look hot getting her crotch ground into a hard surface.

And then she got jealous of that wooden horse!

Lucifer has a plan to make her Pride beat the torture. I don't know how this works. With Asmodeus, she used her "cuteness" or essence of self to seduce Lust. I can understand that as a point of pride. But here, this looks like perseverance as a point of pride. Shouldn't that work against Sloth instead of Greed? Charity is supposed to cure or oppose Greed. Was Maria's admonition of Mammon to care for her own children the action that evoked Charity from the Lord of Greed? That moment broke Maria out of the breast milk induced spell, but did it also weaken Greed's chains on Lucifer at the same moment? It wasn't clear to me what happened there.

All we know is that Mammon lost and another piece (or commandment) of Belial's curse.

Belial moves quick. She's already got statues of herself in the new armor. Well, that's what Vanity should do, right?

Oh kids, take notes again. Forget real estate. The real money is in cryptocurrency. Mammon-Coin is doing well enough for Mammon to breastfeed all her "children."


Because Mammon owns a castle, that means she owns a dungeon. So! Bring on the sex-torture chamber dungeon scenes for our very NSFW situations!

Acid potions? In a Hobby Japan property? No way! I'm just surprised how little of Lucifer's clothes got melted away. I suppose the right answer is "just enough."

I'm still laughing at how Mammon dangled that damages invoice in front of Lucifer's face.

Also, Mammon keeps everything in her cleavage. She apparently has room to spare.

Levi has no chill. She got jealous of a wooden horse! And then she couldn't handle the crotch grinding pain at all. She must be more of a virgin than Maria.

It's still not clear to me how sex-torture translates to money to pay for a broken window. Unless Mammon was livestreaming the whole thing for a porn site...

The breastfeeding angle obviously made sense after we knew about Mammon's half-million children. Until then, I guess we were just supposed to think she fulfilled the MILF quota for this show instead of the mean sexy onee-san type. This show is lousy with that type already, so MILF was an obvious niche to be filled.

Still, a half million creepy dolls... If the character designers had put in some kind of a queen ant or queen bee motif in Mammon somewhere, that would be almost believable, but the lore behind Mammon doesn't support any of that.

I can believe a mother's love expressed as breast feeding as an aspect of charity. If that's what is actually happening here, then Greed really did lose to Maria and Pride.

Mammon is suddenly located in a Japanese compound. What does that mean? That she gave up real estate for crypto currency? What a hodge-podge kind of episode. They certainly blew their wad on the first three episodes.

Mammon originally had glasses? That would have interfered with the final design for Belial. Hmmm, yeah, glasses would have been so much better!

Next time, we're getting lazy with the busty dark skinned Belphegor. Nothing says Sloth like sitting with bad posture while poking at a tablet!

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