Thursday, May 04, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Saekano S2 - Episode 4 - Megumi Twirls Hair

Megumi has to deal with a lot of drama as the only "normie" in the Blessing Software circle.

Utaha took Tomoya's editorial criticism about as well as we would expect.

Utaha and Tomoya were totally "that couple" fighting it out in a school festival maid café. Don't be that couple.

Utaha had to admit there was a difference in how to present a story in a game compared to a novel. Tomoya claimed there were two rules for dating sims: 1) The heroine should be cute and 2) The game shouldn't be tied down to any conventions. Er, except for the first rule, right?

Utaha was still frustrated that Tomoya hadn't answered her original question about which route, or which girl, he would choose. This was because she was emotionally invested in one side for a particular reason.

Tomoya was so engrossed in writing his 3rd route scenario that he never noticed how provocatively Utaha was dressed as she sat right next to him. I noticed, though.

It wasn't until Utaha fell asleep in Tomoya's bed (for the second night in a row) that he finally reacted to the awesomeness that is Utaha-sama.

Utaha and Tomoya were exhausted after all the writing and revisions. Utaha said she was too exhausted to have her way with Tomoya. He thought she meant beating him up. Oh, Tomoya, so oblivious.

And then Megumi pulled ahead of everyone in the harem by channeling the heroine Ruri from the game. Her hair has gotten so long.

Eriri had been having trouble drawing the characters for one of the routes, but she had to draw through her frustration that Megumi did the bonfire dance with Tomoya because she was so inspired by their chemistry.

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