Friday, April 21, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hinako Note - Episode 3 - Mayu Hinako Nyaa Nyaa

Mayu got Hinako to try out the maid waitress uniform, but she wasn't done playing dress-up with her Hinako doll. The cat cosplay outfit needed plenty of nyaa~!

Hinako had a rough first day of school. Mayu's tea revived her afterwards.

New character Yua had a game plan to bother Hinako, but it was sure to backfire. Since the bookstore is closed on Sundays, Kuina had extra time to nap.

Hinako needed her uniform for her part-time job in the café, but Mayu took the opportunity for an impromptu cosplay session. That maid uniform looked different than the imagined one last week.

After one more outfit (china dress? why?), Hinako was ready to start her job. Helping a lost child is part of customer service too.

Hinako's bath time is already an important feature of the show... Yua's plan to show that she was a much better person to be in Chiaki's Theater Club than Hinako backfired, as expected. Hinako thought she was just being extra helpful and asked to be her friend.

Kuina is back for the end card. Is that taiyaki ready to get eaten or is it Kuina herself?

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