Friday, April 21, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - DanMachi Gaiden - Sword Oratoria - Episode 2 - Tiona Stares at Lefiya

Tiona thought she had a sister in the pettanko club, but then she got a closer look at Lefiya in the shower.

Lefiya really is the focus of this show about Ais, hence the running joke of Loki always catching her.

We got our proper opening credit sequence. It had some familiar faces and clues to the villains Ais will face. Oh, I'm spelling it Ais now, because that's how her stat sheet spelled it.

We saw familiar world mechanics, like the god checking her familia member's level and stats and familiar scenes, since this show's timeline runs concurrently with the original.

This show has a lot of pretty girls in it, so it's only natural that the fanservice convention of comparing bust sizes will show up sooner or later. I guess it was sooner.

Ais' story is mainly about how she learns to deal with younger people who admire her. Like Lefiya and presumably Bell at some point. Lefiya Vision is a fun thing to show how that works, but Lefiya can get carried away. That's especially true when Hiryute sisters take the beautiful Ais clothes shopping. The Hestia dress was a definite no in Lefiya's book.

Ais found her own cute dress, eventually. But who is she going to wear it for?

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