Thursday, April 20, 2017

Anime Watch List Spring 2017 - Hits, Misses, and Hit or Miss - Week 2

After the second week of the Spring 2017 anime season, I looked at which anime I kept and which are still on the bubble.


A hit is a show that I will actually watch all the way through without skipping, fast forwarding, or muting. Not only that, I'll look forward to watching it every week too!

It took another week to get warmed up to this show, but once the characters established an actual narrative arc to hang their moe slice of life antics on, I can definitely handle the sweet fluffiness Hinako Note delivers. Read Hinako Note posts.

The third episode marked the real start of Granblue Fantasy's story: Katalina's Quest for cute fluffy things! Oh, and there's airships and dragons and magic. I guess they're good too. Read Granblue Fantasy The Animation posts.

Still Evaluating.

Zero Grimoire is taking its time to build a world before they let their main characters of the playful loli mage and the man-tiger really start the main story. Since the visuals are so conventional, the story better be a good vehicle for these likeable characters, otherwise I'll just have to drop the show for being meh.

The first episode of Re:Creators turned me off a little for being too meta, but the 2nd episode let us get to know the characters and they're kind of fun. If the story keeps feeding us hints and clues every week about why our otaku self-insert character is so important, we have a chance at a sleeper hit of the season. Read Re:Creators posts.

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