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10 Second Anime - sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Episode 3

Lucifer faces off against Asmodeus the Demon Lord of Lust in Miami Beach.

Episode 3 - "Beach of Lust"


Lucifer travels in style. First Class all to herself on a "NAL" airplane. Also, nice way to hit the stewardess fetish.

Maria appears to be in vacation clothes, but not Levi. I guess a demon lord has to maintain their "style."

Lucifer, thankfully for the audience, explains to Maria how her angel blood inside of Maria's body tells her where the Sins are. I suppose Angels are supposed to be able to do this.

So, it's off to Miami in a big loud American car. Levi is not a fan of American engineering.

What is with this "" and YOSEEMOT state on the license plate? Just creative Japanese misspelling of Florida and Sunshine?

Asmodeus made quite the introduction to her private beach. She apparently made the news with her love zombies.

Asmodeus surfs. She also is very confident in her pasties. And she doesn't care about tan lines.

There were so many opportunities for fanservice this episode. We've got private plane cabin with a stewardess, Asmodeus' beach setting, the main characters shopping for bikinis, a night club with poles for go-go dancers and "other" dancers, and then Asmodeus sex chamber. Geebus, no wonder I made so many pictures. I can't imagine the other Sins are going to be this heavy on the nudity, but with how they all look, I wouldn't be surprised either.

Lucifer calls Asmodeus the 7th Sin of Lust, as if she's the weakest. I wonder if the rest of the season is going to go up the hierarchy chain.

Of course. A seduction contest. I don't understand how the Demons' powers work to elicit the Sin they're associated with, which means I don't know how Lucifer can get more power from the people she affects like Asmodeus is doing with arousing Lust in the mooks.

Ha! Lucifer's secret weapon was a high school girl in a tight sheer swimsuit! Lucifer must be going for that pure kind of seduction with Maria instead of Asmodeus' outrageous sensuality.

Well, being next to the ocean, I thought Leviathan would have better odds against Asmodeus, but that Pheromone Wind powered by the lust-filled humans is too much for them.

Ha! Levi wore a mermaid dress. She's all in with the sea monster theme.

Strip club and pole dancing on Miami Beach? Nah! That's not reality...

Levi and her Band-Aid just had to challenge Asmodeus to a dance-off. She is Envy after all.

Maria should know that she's being used as bait to get picked up by Asmodeus. Ah. I guess she hasn't figured that out yet.

Oh come on, Maria. You're obviously a virgin. Just admit it and move on.

Lucifer to the rescue!

Now that's not a surprise that Asmodeus would summon a Corpse Flower with tentacles. It's a monster looking flower and it's big stink is no joke. Making it smell nice loaded up with aphrodisiacal pheromones is just good demonic sense.

Acid juice. Nice, nice.

Lucifer is getting all philosophical tied up with tentacles. I guess that's how she gets in the mood for theological conversation...

I like how she compared how Asmodeus talks about Lust to how God talks about Love. Asmodeus dresses Lust up in flowery language, but she's just describing crude sex. I wonder what Lucifer thinks real love is, then. Also, we know that Lucifer has talked to God, so He must show up this season somehow, right?

Oh, hey. Lucifer just nullified Asmodeus the same way Maria nullified Levi. She pronounced Lust as not sinful because it's just sex. Again, the 7 Sins are actually temptations. Acting on them for selfish purposes makes the specific act a sin.

The ultimate seduction is from being cute? Oh. It's from being herself. Lucifer seduced Lust by being herself and not feeling any lust. She just felt good with no sin in her heart. This made Asmodeus bashful, which meant she wasn't filled with Lust alone.

Meanwhile, Pride won out because Pride never gives up.

So, Lucifer's deal is defeating the other Mortal Sins by being "more" than they are and to weaken Belial's curse. That makes sense. Pride is the ultimate Sin since it's the primary impulse which separates us from God. All other sins flow from that first sin.

Belial says her curse is powered by the 7 Commandments and that Lucifer broke the first one. So, now we have at least one narrative arc for the season.

Poor Maria. She just thought Lucifer was being demanding in sending her out for sandwiches in a hurricane. She's just too nice. She's thankful that a former angel freed people from Asmodeus' power but in Lucifer's eyes, that was just a by-product of defeating Lust by making Asmodeus lust for Lucifer. Let's go with the "it's complicated" explanation of what just happened.


This episode was too much! We had three settings which would have been enough to supply a whole episode with fanservice. So I had to make three times as many totally NSFW images for the beach episode, the strip club episode, and the sex-torture chamber episode. That's not even counting how Stewardess Lucifer pulled Maria's dress down in the first 30 seconds of the episode. That's the Mile High Club episode too! Too much!

I want to fly these friendly skies!

Maria's breasts say "look, but don't touch," to Levi. Is this because she already defeated her? It wasn't because she's a demon, since Asmodeus had no trouble messing around with those luscious mounds.

Lucifer knows what horny bastards like to see on a shy girl like Maria. Pure virgin white that becomes see-through when wet! Yeah, Lucifer is definitely better at this Lust thing than Asmodeus.

Levi knows how to use her monster snail friends for a good bukkake joke.

I always worry about the logistics of these bondage scenes. Like, how much did Maria struggle when Asmodeus dressed her up in that lingerie? Did she just snap her fingers and the stuff appeared on her, complete with tied up hands and blindfold? I suppose I'm just supposed to enjoy the scenery...

"It's none of you business!" Um, if Lucifer didn't stop the shenanigans, Asmodeus was going to make whether Maria was a virgin her business.

Boo! Lucifer broke in right before Maria asked for... a glass of milk. Come on, she really wasn't going to ask for two fingers... of scotch, now was she?

Always with the tentacles...

Corpse flower acid juice and aphrodisiacs... Not even once, kids. Not even once!

Har! I had to laugh when Lucifer called Asmodeus "cute" when she felt lust. That's some Grade-A Mean Girl negging going on there. Lucifer wasn't wrong, though.

Levi is great. She gives this show an extra bit of sparkle with her onee-sama devotion. Lucifer is great too. She knows that Levi really wants all that cold shoulder stuff.

It's Asmodeus' turn in the end card. More like Assmodeus, amirite? I'm right.

Next time, Lucifer is going to show Mammon the Demon Lord of Greed her pretty penny. I mean Maria. Because she's bait. She's always bait. 

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