Sunday, April 30, 2017

10 Second Anime - Shingeki no Kyojin S2 - Episode 30

Ymir becomes a Titan and protects her comrades. Eren's group joins up with the surviving cadets.

Episode 30 - "Historia"


This extended flashback brought back quite a few characters who have died already. Just another reminder of how unrelenting this story is in showing death.

This is winter training, so snow and cold is a killer, as Christa, Ymir, and the injured Daz should find out.

That Eren guy. So impulsive. Wants to go out and rescue the missing cadets at night. Sit down already.

Those three will have to find a way to survive without adding more victims to the blizzard.

I don't like Ymir's personality. She's always provocative. She accused Christa of being a goody-goody because she needed to look like she was heroic while she had already resigned herself to a futile gesture. That's a very obtuse and willful misinterpretation of Christa's intent.

But, at least it shows how pessimistic, paranoid, and accusatory Ymir is, which fits into the backstory she told Christa.

As a petty thief, Ymir had overheard some Wall priests discussing the illegitimate child of a noble and how they would let her live if she changed her name. Ymir deduced they were talking about Christa.

Ymir followed Christa into the Cadet Corps, but she still hasn't told us exactly why. Maybe it was just enough of a reason to get confirmation from Christa about her real name.

Christa is such a nice person. She actually asked Ymir if she followed her into the Corps because, "You wanted to be my friend?" Just like an angel...

Is Daz unconscious at this point? If he's awake, he's learning all sorts of secrets. That's a couple of death flags on his head already.

Whoa. Ymir was already a Titan who could control her abilities at this point. It might explain why she was skulking about the church enough to overhear the priests' gossip. Another pointer to how much these Wall Priests know about Titans and how they use them.

Reiner and Bertholdt think they recognize Ymir as the Titan who ate their friend when they were younger. Titan factions attacking each other?

Hey, if I got a hold of those luscious legs, I wouldn't let go either...

Ymir's Titan form has language ability.

Ooh, how is Ymir going to survive that? Those other Titans aren't getting at her nape, but there should be a limit on how much damage they can take and when the regenerative property doesn't compensate anymore.

Yay! Mikasa! And the cavalry! What an entrance!

Ha! Hange doesn't want Eren attacking Titans.

Also, Eren actually acknowledged how lame he is. His first kill! Finally useful, for once.

Still so lame compared to Mikasa.

Ouch. Ymir lost an arm and a leg. If she turns back into a Titan, will those heal up? How does that work?

It's not clear to me whether Ymir died right there, but at least she heard Christa's real name: Historia. Hey, that's the name of the episode. How about that?

Uh oh. The preview says the next episode's title is Warrior. This is what Bertholdt said Reiner was like in the past. More heavy revelations to come after they confirm that there was no Wall breach and they have yet to discover where all those Titans came from.

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