Saturday, April 29, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Eromanga-sensei - Episode 4 - Elf Yamada Summons Manuscript

Elf wanted to show how easy it was for her to create a manuscript, but Masamune had just seen her disheveled at her computer writing one.

Elf would make a great wife with her cooking. Masamune is pretty oblivious to the hints the women in his life keep giving him.

Sagiri was jealous of the time Masamune was spending with Elf, but somehow the conversation turned to how she draws stuff. She only draws things she has seen, which is why all the girls have small boobs and why she has a set of fancy underwear.

Elf obviously wrote her cat girl story with Eromanga-sensei in mind as her illustrator. It would have been a much better seller than Masamune's story about a little sister, but Elf still felt she "lost."

Masamune had to pull a desperate maneuver to get into Sagiri's room to make sure she read his manuscript. It turned out that she thought Masamune was going to dump her as an illustrator in favor of the next-door neighbor, so she worked on drawing battle scenes and big boobs. These two unrelated siblings share similar paranoid fears. With the misunderstanding cleared up, they're ready to work with each other again.

Sagiri may act cold towards her brother, but she still loves those little notes he adds to her meals.

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