Sunday, January 29, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Bikini Warriors - Episode 15 [BD OVA] - Paladin Thanks God

Paladin praises God for the Legendary Bikini Armor that is invisible to idiots. I suppose the audience is a bunch of idiots, then...

Every single character from Bikini Warriors was on hand to receive the special gift of Legendary Bikini Armor from this God. Yes, this was a twist on The Emperor's New Clothes and modded naked skins for RPGs. Legendary, indeed.

Kunoichi, who was actively seeking this armor, finally received it. Will she see it, or is she an idiot too?


Those four images above were the only respectable ones I could make. What could you expect when the girls are walking around naked in a NSFW manner for the rest of the show?

My question is whether the armor actually worked or not. We saw Cleric bashing a monster, but was she hit so she could feel the armor take the blow? Is it just something like Monk's armor which only works if you wear nothing classified as Armor? If they covered up, would it still work? So many questions, but what matters is that the Bikini Warriors were naked. Well, we got nipples, but Barbie Doll crotches. This isn't hentai, just ecchi.

Mage is favorite because she's the short and stacked and the smartest. She knew the armor was invisible and "God" was lying, but she went along with her friends.

I loved how Paladin convinced the other girls to believe the lying "God." It fit in with her faithful character and her masochistic side too.

It took a while for the girls' vanity to win over their senses, but since they didn't want to be idiots who couldn't see the great armor, they convinced themselves how awesome it looked.

The girls walked around town and noticed the lascivious stares, but since they always got those kind of stares, they figured the townspeople just liked how their bikini armor looked. Mage was still suspicious and Hunter said she still wasn't used to how "breezy" it felt.

Kunoichi showed up bothering Hunter, Valkyrie and Cleric again. This time, they really did have something to help her quest for the Legendary Bikini Armor. They all seem to have gotten over the big fight they had at the inn.

Meanwhile, the shock of seeing naked hot chick has worn off and men are getting brave again to approach the ladies and make fair trade for what wares they're offering. We ain't talking about Legendary Bikini Armor either. Also, I just want to point out Baldy up there shining a bright light at the viewer.

It was only after the Guard came to arrest the "perverts" walking around town that Fighter realized she had been duped and embarrassed by "God." She and Mage won't be the last either, since we saw Kunoichi pay a visit. When will we have another OVA to show her precious nipples and Barbie Doll crotch?

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