Sunday, January 29, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Bikini Warriors - Episode 14 [BD OVA] - Kunoichi Seeks Legendary Bikini Armor

Kunoichi, a new character, invaded and interrupted Hunter and Valkyrie's pleasant bedtime. Cleric was already awake because of that "pleasant bedtime."

Cleric, along with Kunoichi, made their debuts to the Bikini Warrior anime in the OVA. She's a holy fighter with a big hammer that can't use her healing magic very well.

I don't know why Kunoichi thought the Legendary Bikini Armor would be in a rented inn room, but Cleric took offense at the intrusion.

Valkyrie and Hunter didn't have a very restful evening, what with lovey-dovey time getting interrupted, getting hit in the head with a big hammer and having the room blown up.


The blurays have made up for the web series lack of nudity in a big way. Considering how Hunter and Valkyrie first met, their relationship has become very close and very NSFW.

Hunter, as the name suggests, is the aggressor with Valkyrie during "pleasant bedtime" hours.

Cleric tried not to pay much attention to Hunter and Valkyrie's activities and was kind of grateful she was distracted by Kunoichi.

Kunoichi cast some kind of ninja art to make Valkyrie the aggressor. I think Hunter wasn't much in the mood after being bashed in the head by Cleric.

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