Monday, January 30, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Gabriel DropOut - Episode 4 - Satania Slimy Thing

Satania got a face full of sea cucumber and made the requisite out-of-context remark joke we love to hear from young ladies.

Only 4 episodes in and we've already come to the beach episode. Satania was raring to go!

Cute angels and devils do cute things at the beach! I figured Raphiel was going to be the group's size queen, but I didn't expect Satania to compete for the prize. The two pairings make for boin vs. pettanko for future jokes, I'm sure.

I was surprised at how the episode put the end credits right in the middle of the show. I suppose it was a good transition device for the extended epilogue of doing Summer homework together. Incidentally, that is not The Bible Raphiel is exposing Satania to: it's a book of exorcism rites. Catholicism actually has something like that.

Since I'm just scanning this show instead of really watching it, I missed the funny Gab faces in the OP.

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